Full Moon in Leo: The Red Button

Hi guys!!! Who feels radiant, confident, beautiful, creative, delighted to know themselves? 😂 On February 5, the Moon will fill the 16th degree of Leo, bringing to a climax a six-month process that we began on July 28.

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Do you remember what you were doing around those dates? All Full Moons send us back to emotional needs and intentions that we felt six months ago. But perhaps on this occasion it is more revealing, if possible, to do a little retrospective.

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Beginnings of a personal revolution

What this Full Moon brings to fruition is neither more nor less than what the exact union of Mars, Uranus and the North Node seeded into our lives in late July and early August 2022.

At this time, Mars, Uranus and the North Node come together at the 18th degree of Taurus, awakening strong desires for freedom, autonomy and renewal.

There may have been, at that time, circumstances that changed our view of certain situations, and even a turning point in our values, from which we began to manage our resources (material and immaterial), our talents differently. and our future. projects.

Moreover, perhaps we would find new experiences at the time, or we would find surprising sources of information that would contradict previous views. And, if we were in an uncertain situation, we surely went looking for new answers. Could it be that after all, the tensions of those days have caused us to do something important for our future stability and personal fulfillment, or to somehow renew our self-esteem?

Either way, what triggered the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node in late July and early August may have had multiple ramifications. Perhaps something that overturned our expectations opened our eyes, after all, to crossroads and questions as diverse as they were fruitful.

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The second part of something that changed us

This Moon, which fully reflects and irradiates the radiant light of the Sun, brings to our consciousness an important message of how we have changed in recent months: how the place from which we appreciate and love each other has changed. And how he moved from place to place, too, which we consider essential. We simply don’t appreciate the same things in the same way.

This 16 degree Full Moon squares Uranus almost exactly as it is already freed from Saturn’s binding restraint, which in just a month will change signs. So it doesn’t just take us back to what the conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node meant six months ago. There is something else.

Activate, by square and exactly, the degree of the last eclipse we had in November.

This lunar eclipse which took place on November 8 in the 16th degree of Taurus was one of the most intense eclipses in recent years. However, it is usual for eclipses to take some time to fully express their effects. And when an astrological event reaches the point of a recent eclipse, it’s like pressing the red button.

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This means that, if at the time of this eclipse, there were circumstances that marked us, at this time there could be an update of this history, either because something is integrated on an emotional level, or because that new information comes in that energizes these issues.

It’s also possible that we ourselves are that red button.

That is to say, we ourselves make a decision which gives a radical turn to things; maybe, a decision we wanted to make for a long time. In other words, it’s time for the brave. And if we are convinced that we must take risks to substantially change a situation, there are enough votes for us to feel that the time has come.

If, on the other hand, in the eclipse of November 8, nothing important moved us, we could now discover something that we had not seen then. Memories of past storms might be revealed, when the first clap of thunder erupts in the present.

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something extraordinary lights up

The relationship between the stars and Uranus, which dominates the astral climate of this lunation, is not something to be taken lightly. Because the fixed signs have developed a long history in recent years, and this lunation could seem the final touch of a long search.

Surprises, unforeseen events, projects that come to fruition, friendships that return or diverge, lucid occurrences, crazy geniuses from whom we don’t even know where they come from… Flashes of truth that light up like lightning no matter what one was watching. And, of course, tension, rebellion and instability. Nothing common or vulgar with these aspects of the Moon and the Sun in Uranus.

It should be kept in mind that Leo is a sun sign, linked to self-image, sense of identity, desire to live and the brilliance of experiences. It is also the channel through which we express to the world who we are and what life means from our unique and differentiated experience.

Each plays into their story, and that story is shown, expressed, and made visible through the Leonine archetype.

With this uranized lunation in Leo, something in us is already different from what it was six months ago. And it can have multiple scales. From a drastic change in appearance or look, other clothing preferences or another haircut, to the development of a new personal brand in social networks or digital environments.

From a more playful, innocent and childlike disposition, with which we allow ourselves more play and leisure in our spare time, to the revalorization of what we have done for the simple pleasure, by making it a central vocation in our future projects.

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The art that seduces us

It is also possible that now we appreciate free time much more and all the good that it offers us in giving birth to our lives. And, in particular, creativity is perhaps at one of its finest moments.

In itself, the Full Moon always encourages the expression of our imagination, because, by reflecting the light of the Sun, it brings out what we feel and need in full light. But when the Moon lights up in Leo, the sign of the Sun, this is more noticeable, if possible.

Have you noticed if the people around you seem more alive, closer to themselves? For example, this weekend some friends canceled the plan we were supposed to go dancing. Justifications were not necessary. Dancing, having fun, having a good time, is a legitimate reason to postpone everything.

Leisure and creativity regain their crown!

On the other hand, another friend tells me that she stays at home all weekend because she has just had a great idea to make a dress. A family member tells me she is developing a super hyper-cooked recipe. I myself draw and play guitar a lot, and the truth is that I really want to immerse myself in creative activities.

Each person channels their natural creativity where their preferences and pleasure incline them. And, if there’s someone who still doesn’t know what they like or where their creative trait lies, now is an exceptional time to find out. Because this lunation illuminates talents, new forms of pleasure and, of course, passions.


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There is something about the atmosphere of this Full Moon that seems particularly vibrant. A fascination; a luminous use of life. A Carpe Diem which is revealed against modesty and prudence. Nowadays, we are not afraid to show what makes us feel alive, happy and proud.

This lunation reminds us how delighted we are to know each other. It is to oneself that one renders justice!

Leo’s Achilles heel is always said to be their sensitivity to applause or lack thereof. That in the universe of Leo, there is nothing more painful than to go without pain or glory, or without being considered. I think that Uranus, so present, compensates for this tendency in a very special way, precisely because we will be much more independent, and it will matter little to us if we adapt to the tastes of others. We will keep our shine on our own.

In this radiant climate of enjoyment, pleasure and expressiveness, people shine, bolder. And I’m sure flirting and seduction are much more open to novelty these days. In fact, in this astral climate, we tend to fall in love with everything that has a particular trait: activities, environments, situations, people, ideas.

These are days when we are surprised by the vital heart of this rapidly spinning color wheel. And, dazzled by the saturation of character that everything shows, we stroll, happy, in search of our favorite color in all this free and noisy universe.


How does this moon touch your birth chart?

The area of ​​your chart where the 16th degree of Leo is located, and, by extension, the 16th degree of each of the fixed signs, is an area where you might feel particularly lively. It’s an area of ​​experience where something very typical of your character is distilled and focused, like we’re increasing the color saturation. This is an area where you may be putting a lot of yourself, and where now you might recognize a trait that sets you apart and sets you apart.

It’s also a zone of great creativity, where you want to give yourself the freedom to do things differently to keep the excitement high.

All in all, it’s a fun, passionate, and enjoyable lunation. Let yourself be carried away by what the heartbeat of things tells you. Every detail can be the start of a creative adventure.

Happy Full Moon!

A big hug, chichi!!!

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