Mysteries in Nashville Mystery Planet

Each of the states of the American union has left traces of mysticism. But already since nashville weather This is where situations arose that even the authorities themselves were not able to decipher and therefore explain to the inhabitants, for whom the mysteries in nashville It seems that they are the most frequent who give identity to their city. Here are some examples.

Mysteries in Nashville

Speaking of authorities, we commented on the case that occurred on Christmas morning 2020, when a series of gunshots fired from a mobile home woke up the population very early in the morning. This accompanied by a rather cryptic speaker that said: “Get out of your houses, in 15 minutes there will be a big explosion”.

Residents, who are not skeptical, left their homes and fled to the city’s NFL stadium, from where they observed a large explosion. The mobile home itself exploded, causing damage to homes, injuring 3 people and – which authorities cannot determine – the person (presumably a woman) driving the habitable vehicle.

Let a police investigation say “not determinable” regarding a suicide bomber, we have to write it off as one of Nashville’s newest mysteries.

Nashville Mysteries: Ji Sullivan

The singer, guitarist, composer, released in 1969 his first and only album entitled UFO. After leaving his family in California, he drove to Nashville in his Volkswagen Beetle, allegedly to check into a hotel where he did not stay the night. He was seen a few hours later on a ranch 50 kilometers away, without his vehicle, his guitar and other personal effects, until he disappeared.

The general idea is that he was called and captured by aliens, due to the contents of his disc.

state capital

Considered the most impressive building in the city, being still in use, it is considered haunted, so few people can bear to stay there for long. This has no scientific basis, but among the locals there is a consensus to name the place the Nashville is the most haunted.

Nashville Mysteries: The Hermitage House

Former President Andrew Jackson’s home was considered haunted even by himself, since the property was in front of straw men who kept African-American slaves inhumanely, whose deaths within the compound left their souls in pain, being them on this day of today. without being able to come out of such condemnation towards the light of heaven.

Alley of printers

This is the real home of Nashville’s ghosts and other mysteries. For some it is a tourist entertainment, for others the meeting place with lost souls. It’s one of the city’s most notorious sources of income and attraction, which has made the case of ghostly apparitions less serious.

Mysteries of Nashville: Opryland Resort

An active hotel for which it requires visitors ready to endure certified apparitions and paranormal events. Ghost experts have corroborated that the apparitions in the chambers are due to slaves, soldiers and abandoned women whose souls find rest there and wish to contact the living so that they know their difficulties or reveal situations on their future.

Tennessee Jail

Mysteries in Nashville

Nashville and surrounding cities’ most dangerous criminals in the 19th century and much of the 20th century died by forced labor and/or executions in this prison, which was closed for its grossly inhumane treatment and uninhabitability. in 1992. Before, the guards and convicts agreed that it was the greatest source of mysteries in Nashville, since the spirits of the damned returned to take revenge or prolong the life of the dying, as the case may be.

To this day, it is a place of worship for criminals who go to seek protection for their misdeeds, although for the most part the tours are the ones with the most presence in the company of the city’s police.

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