They find a 3,000 year old “old well” with rare items inside

A team of archaeologists unearthed the remains of a 3,000 year old wooden wishing well well-preserved old building, in the town of Germering, German state of Bavaria.

Reports of the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection, indicate that the well was five meters deep. Inside were found more than 100 rare objects, whose use is intended for ritual purposes.

“It is extremely rare for a well to survive well beyond 3,000 years. Its wooden walls have been completely preserved at the bottom and are still partly wet from groundwater,” said the Dr Jochen Haberstrohhead archaeologist of the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation.

This also explains the good state of preservation of finds made with organic materials, which are now being examined more closely, the expert added.

Lid of the 3,000 year old wishing well, found in Germany. Credit: Marcus Guckenbiehl / Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmal Pflege.

What was inside the wishing well?

Researchers mentioned that people may have sunk jewelry and ceramics as offerings into the special water source, similar to how coins are still thrown into so-called wishing wells today.

In the well, 70 clay vessels, 26 bronze brooches, a bracelet, two metal spirals and four amber beads were found. In addition, archaeologists found an animal tooth, a wooden pallet, a bark container, possible grass braids and numerous botanical remains.

Some of the relics found in the well. Credit: Marcus Guckenbiehl / Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmal Pflege.

These objects were particularly expensive at that time, which were usually discovered in the tombs of Middle Bronze Age, this indicates that they were not articles of daily use. The condition they were in when discovered at the bottom of the pit suggests that they were carefully lowered into the water rather than dropped or thrown.

Vessels found in the well. Credit: Marcus Guckenbiehl / Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmal Pflege.

Although 70 other wells have been found in the area, this is the only one that contained relics.

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For now, archaeologists will continue to excavate the site. The Wishing Well and its treasure trove of artifacts will be studied in more detail to better understand the daily life of settlers 3,000 years ago.

After the completion of the restoration work, the researchers hope that the objects will be accessible to science and the public at the Germering city museum by the end of next year.

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