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The Death of the Tarot of Marseilles It is the 12th major arcana (XIII) of the game and one of those that generally scare the players the most. However, the Nameless Arcanum (as it is also called) does not represent a person’s misfortune or death in a literal way.

In fact, the meaning of this card can be a real blessing depending on the circumstances and the rest of the cards it appears with. You will find in this article the complete meaning of the Death of the Tarot de Marseille, both upright and reversed, as well as in love, health and money.

The Tarot of Death: general meaning (right)

Marseille tarot of death

Death (or arcana 13) is a character who can cause you fear at first sight: The image shows a standing skeleton holding a scythe and, on the ground, human parts and other bones are found.

Contrary to popular belief, Death is not the mystery of misfortune and decadence, but rather that of transformation and movement. Death means letting go of the old (the past), to access a promising future.

Arcanum 13 is rather a rescue card, since it indicates that a stage has just ended, you can no longer fall and the only thing you can do now is go up. That’s what it’s all about, although changes always cost a little.

Meaning of death (unnamed arcana) when it appears on the right

The key words to understand the meaning of the Death of the Tarot de Marseille are:

  • Change
  • Mutation
  • Transformation
  • Cleaning
  • Harvest
  • Advance
  • Destroy
  • Purification
  • Break with what prevents us from moving forward

Meaning Yes or No

DOUBT. If you consult the tarot whose answer is yes or no, the nameless arcana tells you “doubt, it could be both”. You will need to draw a second card to get the final answer.

meaning in love

In a consultation on love and relationships, the death of the Tarot de Marseille in a good position will mean that a transformation is taking place in the couple. It is an action that will rock the relationshipbut in general it will be for the best and will bring more balance.

Another interpretation is that the relationship might undergo a temporary separation, but after which it will transform for the better. This change is usually sudden and violentso you have to be emotionally prepared.

When the relationship no longer has a solution, Death on the right will be a sign of rupture, but it will be beneficial for the consultant’s personal development. You can wait until a period of loneliness begins before meeting new people or finding a new partner.

  • Action that will shake up the relationship, but for the better
  • temporary separation
  • Sudden change in the relationship that will be positive
  • Breaking up of relationships that no longer have a solution
  • Development after the break
  • meet a new partner

Meaning of work and money

work and profession

On a professional level, La Muerte al derecho is a letter that announces sudden and substantial changes in the workplace such as: A change of residence or job position, a new offer in another company, a new boss, colleagues or subordinates at work, among other similar things.

These changes will be positive, so Arcane XIII’s advice in a job consultation is that you be open to changesbecause they will benefit you, although at first they may seem uncomfortable.

  • Sudden changes at work (for the better)
  • New boss, colleagues or subordinates
  • Uncomfortable changes that will be beneficial later
  • Change of residence, business or position (positive)

money and finance

In the field of finance, the nameless arcana on the right will mean good luck. A sudden positive change will occur that will increase your ability to earn money. It can be an unexpected inheritance, profits from new ventures or the proceeds of an investment from the past, for example.

Death is a card that symbolizes the harvest so you can expect to receive windfall profits. However, and this is important, if you are currently in a period of great economic prosperity, the meaning of the card may be the opposite. Death will symbolize, in this case, that the windfall could stop at any time, so you should keep your eyes open for any strange movement in your finances, as well as avoid large or unnecessary expenses.

  • exceptional income
  • random luck
  • Harvest
  • If you’re in a good time, you have to be careful not to overspend just yet

sense of health

By asking questions about health and getting arcana 13 in a series, we can expect good news if the seeker recovers after a medical operation or a treatment.

Arcanum 13 is a sign of Quick recovery in the event of an accident, as well as a noticeable increase in your strength and vitality. There will be improvements if you have serious illnesses, so you can expect an overall improvement in your health.

As we see, the meaning of death for health is the opposite of dying.

  • almost miraculous healing
  • Improved health in case of chronic diseases
  • More strength and vitality
  • Quick recovery after medical interventions

The Tarot of Death: Meaning upside down or reversed

card the death of the tarot of marseille reversed

When death appears in an inverted position, it turns its meaning to a less positive direction. Although he continues to emphasize the appearance of big changesthe obstacle you will encounter will be your own resistance.

In the most negative sense of this card, La Mort du tarot de Marseille announces changes that will give us a very bad time. Fear and anxiety will appear, as well as discouragement, because it is very possible that these changes will make you feel defeated. However, the biggest problem will be in your attitude to the situation. Be careful not to fall into this error.

The Nameless Arcane Hint when it appears upside down is the patience. The changes will seem negative at first, but in the long run they will lead you down a path you would never have discovered if you had stayed where you were. Eventually you will realize that this initial defeat has led you to a better place in life.

Meaning of Death (Unnamed Arcana) when appearing upside down

  • great resistance to change
  • brutal defeat
  • Revolution
  • Interruption
  • anger, aggression

meaning in love

In a relational reading, Death upside down is a sign of possible ruptures, infidelity or cheating of any kind that will lead to sudden changes in the relationship. It may be the consultant who changes his feelings unexpectedly.

This card in an inverted position tells us about complicated or knowing relationships. inadequate people and liars. This is not a letter to be afraid, but to be careful when someone new appears on the road.

Although its meaning is negative, the advice is that you take the upside-down Death as your advisor and try to improve communication with your partner to prevent the relationship from seriously deteriorating.

  • sudden break
  • changes in feelings
  • meet awkward people
  • deceptions, lies

Meaning of work and money

work and profession

Death reversed in a reading about work speaks of strong changes in every way. It’s possible you’re the one screaming to change job or an aspect of it. Or maybe you should innovate in the projects you are in.

The reverse arcana 13 can announce a dismissal or the bankruptcy of a company leading to the loss of a job. Your attitude will be decisive, because your resistance to change could make the situation worse. the commitment It will be important to progress in your current job despite the changes you are going through.

  • Difficult changes at work
  • Company bankruptcy or danger of dismissal
  • Advice: commitment and caution to avoid bad results

money and finance

The nameless inverted arcana is a negative card when it comes to money; however, it should be taken as a warning and not as a sentence.

Reverse death announces the danger of making bad decisions about money (investments, mismanaged expenses, scams, etc.) that will lead to death. lost. It even warns of the danger of being robbed or cheated.

It is not advisable to make loans at the moment, nor to invest in higher risk companies than those to which we are accustomed. The general advice is to surround yourself with advisers you trust or avoid making big decisions about your money at this time.

  • significant loss of money
  • Danger of theft, deception or fraud
  • Loans that will not be repaid
  • Advice: Get trusted advisors or avoid making decisions for now

sense of health

Despite its negative meaning, Arcanum XIII does not announce death of any person when it appears reversed. However, this mystery advises us to pay special attention to our health at this time.

If you have health issues that you haven’t taken care of, reversed death is a sign for you to start taking care of them. If you are recovering from an illness or medical procedure, your process may be slow and you may need to check yourself more frequently with the help of your doctor.

If you have any ailments, it is important that you seek medical attention and avoid ignoring the discomfort. Reversed Death has some very important tips you should consider now: Prevention.

  • slow recovery
  • Evils of the past that you should deal with now
  • Prevention is key

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