▷ The Devil Tarot of Marseilles [amor, salud y dinero]

The Devil of the tarot is a dark major arcana at first glance, but (although not apparent) can be very good fortune, especially for money.

In this article you will discover all the meaning of the tarot card The Devil, upside down and upside down, as well as interpretations in love, health and money.

The devil: general meaning

major arcana the devil marseille tarot

The Devil is Major Arcana 15 (XV) and, like the Pope, also represents a transit, but not to spiritual heights; this mystery takes us into the depths of the BEING.

His torch and his bat wings let us know that he lives in the dark, deep in the unconscious.

The half-human, half-beast characters refer to our primal impulses and passions. They represent what the enlightened aspirant has to transcend to reach his enlightenment.

What does it mean ? Despite the first impression it gives us, El Diablo is not a negative card in itself. It can even mean very good fortune:

Meanings of the devil when he appears on the right

The Devil of the Tarot de Marseille is an arcane which represents all the hidden potentialities of the human unconscious, including CREATIVITY.

This letter will always bode well for questions related to the ability to create, whether artistically or scientifically. Thus, if you work in one of these areas, this arcana will be synonymous with good performance and luck in this area.

Although the appearance of the Devil in a reading may frighten you, it is actually a card that suggests a influx of money important (although sometimes cloudy). The board It is that you examine whether the means by which you will obtain this money are adequate and whether it is worth risking or not.

Key words of its meaning:

  • Unconscious
  • creativity, fantasies
  • clever, cunning
  • temptation, desire
  • attachment, possessiveness
  • Unconscious
  • passions
  • dark side of being

Meaning Yes or No

Nope. In a Yes/No spread, The Devil is a card that definitely says no to you.

meaning in love

The Devil reminds us of the sexual dimension of a relationship, that is to say a strong passion; or it can also mean the desire to experience this form of connection.

Regarding relationships, obtaining this letter tells us that although the relationship is characterized by great passion and sensuality, the background (romance and feelings) is poor. It is a superficial relationship, more bodily than sentimental.

the devil marseille tarot in love

This letter is positive if you want to know how your relationship is going in the passional aspect, but not as a general reading on love; especially if what you are looking for is a relationship with a view to commitment.

Meaning of work and money

money and finance

The Devil, in the Tarot de Marseille, can suggest a large inflow of money, although sometimes shady or secret.

This character refers to the desire for wealth, to the temptation of a promising contract, but which should be studied in detail to avoid deception. In this sense, The Devil is an Arcanum that can lead either to wealth or to ruin.

work and profession

Instead, The Devil is an auspicious letter for all professions or activities related to creativity.

It suggests intense creative energy, high intelligence, and inspiration to get things done.

sense of health

The Major Arcana The Devil, with regard to health, is generally favorable indicating regeneration and healing from illnesses or ailments. In addition, it emphasizes the care of the reproductive organs, avoiding harmful behavior (promiscuity) and excessive stress.

On the other hand, this arcana refers to alcohol or drug problems; as well as psychological addictions (sexual, certain behaviors, emotions, etc.) that we must pay attention to.

If our request is related to these issues, this card advises us to look at our inner nature and not hide it. Rationalizing one’s true nature means recognizing oneself and learning to manage one’s desires.

The Devil: Meaning backwards (reversed)

the inverted devil

The inverted devil is a card that, although it appears otherwise, can be very positive in the sense of a release from what was suffocating us.

She suggests that you let go of what dominates you (a relationship, a family member, a toxic work environment, etc.), resulting in a drastic change in perspective and a freedom you didn’t know before.

However, not everything is positive. The second meaning of the reversed Devil is the loss of all the positive aspects of this card in the reversed position (opportunity, ingenuity, creativity and cunning).

meaning in love

In a reading about love, The Inverted Devil tells us about the end of a stage of attachment and conflict with the couple, but that does NOT mean that we will necessarily continue in this relationship.

Most likely, the relationship ends, the passion fades, or events occur that force us to detach from that person.

Remember: This letter is not a sentence, but a warning to prepare and know how to act.

Meaning of work and money

devil of marseille tarot on money

money and finance

When The Devil appears upside down in the Tarot de Marseille, it is an indicator of scams. This is a warning to keep your eyes open and, if possible, to avoid moving large sums of money.

If you can’t wait, the advice is to be careful and not to trust yourself when it comes to money.

Also, it is possible that you are going through an unfavorable period financially, but that will pass. It is important to take care of your finances and be prepared for unexpected expenses until further notice.

work and profession

The upside-down Devil is not the most favorable card when it comes to working. Contrary to its meaning in the normal sense, inverted advises us NOT to innovate. Now is not the time to try your luck with new things.

Avoid acting hastily. Think then act. At this time, it is not recommended to take risks with new contracts or changes in your job. Prefer stability, because there is a risk of losing your job or significantly harming your working relationship.

Remember: This letter only warns us of possible difficulties in the near future, so that you can take the necessary precautions and succeed.

sense of health

The inverted Devil, in health, warns us of possible relapses in diseases or disorders of a reproductive nature (venereal diseases, for example).

On the other hand, it also indicates relief or psychic release, which translates into a better mental disposition to carry out your activities.

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