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Temperance is one of the most anticipated tarot cards in a reading. Its meaning gives us peace and tranquility, as it symbolizes balance and times of stability in the economic aspect. However, its meaning will vary if it appears in reverse, to advise us and avoid making bad decisions.

It is a letter full of symbolism that speaks to us of equanimity and the ability to stay away from excesses to achieve our goals.

What advice does Temperance give us?

In today’s article I’m going to teach you how to interpret The Temperance advice of the Tarot de Marseille in all directions (love, health and money), whether it’s straight or reversed.

Temperance: general meaning

the marseille temperance tarot on the right

Temperance is the major arcana number XIII (14) of the Tarot de Marseille and the one that has the most soothing meaning, since it speaks to us of peace, balance and stability.

This arcana with a feminine appearance does not really have a defined sex. Both genders can be applied to it, thus representing the balance between feminine and masculine. In the same way, their clothes in equal proportions in red and blue, give us the same message.

Temperance means being in balance, having patience and the inner strength to achieve a goal using self-control. This card represents mastery of impulses and moderation.

Meanings of temperance when it appears on the right

The key words to understand the meaning of The Temperance of the Tarot de Marseille are:

  • Caution
  • Equanimity
  • Kindness
  • Pay
  • protection, guardian angel
  • healing, health
  • Energy flow
  • Travels
  • darken the passions
  • spiritual healing

Meaning Yes or No

In a YES or No tarot deck, Temperance is a clear YEAH.

meaning in love

As you can see, Temperance is a very positive Tarot de Marseille card, and this includes readings about love.

In relationships, Temperance tells us that you and your partner should stick together because they are a source of companionship and understanding for each other. They appreciate and support each other.

This card advises you that in order to stay in a harmonious relationship, you must first maintain peace within yourself. It is important that you do constant spiritual work, know yourself, and forgive past mistakes that may take away your peace of mind in the present.

married couple holding hands

Remember that only by maintaining equanimity can you maintain a caring and loving environment between you and your partner.

  • Balanced and stable relationship
  • understanding and loving couple
  • They both rely on the relationship
  • Important to take care of your inner peace to maintain peace in your relationship

If Temperance appears at describe a person, indicates that he is a very balanced and conciliatory person. You dislike conflict and are able to adapt flexibly to change, as you are open-minded and enthusiastic. He is an even-tempered person to whom we can turn for spiritual guidance.

Meaning of work and money

Temperance is also a great card in money and work readings, as it is an indication of luck and stability. Although this card is not directly related to money, it is an indication that you will find stability in this regard.

work and profession

Regarding work, La Templanza announces a stable and collaborative working relationship, in which you will get along harmoniously with your colleagues and supervisors.

Also, it can be an announcement of new opportunities in the future, be it a salary increase or interesting projects that you will be involved in. It is important to value your personal relationships, because they are the ones that will help you seize opportunities for growth.

Advice: Try to maintain a moderate attitude in everything you do and you will see rewards in your work.

  • Stable and collaborative work
  • harmonious working relationships
  • Opportunities for professional growth based on your personal relationships
  • Balance in your actions will be well rewarded in your work

money and finance

In money and finances, temperance is a card of good fortune, so you can expect good news in the future that will lead you to a much-appreciated period of financial stability.

It’s important that you keep your spending under control and get your finances in order. Temperance is a card that speaks of measure and balance, and this is what you must apply with your money to maintain stability in the future.

It’s a good time to save and control luxury expenses, but also to ask for a raise if you feel that your work deserves it.

Temperance also foretells that associations will pay off, so if you’re doing business (and according to the other cards that come with it), that’s a great sign.

  • Good luck, unexpected news that will bring you financial stability
  • Keep control of your expenses.
  • Avoid overspending to keep your finances in balance
  • Good time to ask for a raise
  • Advertise profitable business partnerships

sense of health

Health temperance will tell you that you will have a boost of energy and a time of good health or improvement in symptoms, in case of chronic illnesses. However, it also tells us that you need to maintain an emotional balance to foster this change.

It’s time to prioritize your mental and emotional peace of mind, because the body will translate emotional imbalances into symptoms or illnesses.

Taking care of your emotions and your habits (diet and exercise) will be well rewarded with the energy and vitality to carry out your material projects.

  • A boost of energy thanks to your emotional balance
  • Emotional imbalance will lead to symptoms or illness
  • Excellent time to improve your habits. It will be well rewarded.

Temperance: Meaning backwards (reversed)

the marseille temperance tarot reversed

Inverted Temperance contains the characteristics of the card, but out of balance. Generally speaking, this card indicates that you have a conflict in your life that is throwing you off balance, but you still cannot find a way to resolve it.

You are in a period of stagnation, in which you are unable to look ahead and/or you have lost hope for the future.

The advice in this letter is to avoid rushing and to try to make decisions only when you are at peace. Following impulses won’t help you at this point in your life, because you need to refocus on what’s really important.

His advice: It is a time for introspection and self-criticism. Make an effort to listen to others’ points of view and show that you care about them. By expressing yourself with moderation and calm, you will gradually come out of the conflicts that overwhelm you.

meaning in love

Reverse temperance in love, while not positive, does not herald a breakup or a bigger problem. This letter is a warning that moments of tension and discussions with the couple are approaching. It is important to check whether these are new conflicts or ones that have not been resolved for a long time.

Don’t be surprised by an imbalance between you and your partner. Better, try to stay calm and encourage positive communication. This is the time to resolve outstanding conflicts and reach a consensual agreement.

You have to do your part, just like your partner. It’s not the end of the world, but it will take effort from both sides.

  • Moment of tension and conflict with the couple
  • Imbalance, most likely due to past conflicts
  • It is important that you foster healthy communication to resolve the conflict
  • It will take effort to reach an agreement with the couple, but they will manage

Meaning of work and money

woman with bills

While Temperance reversed isn’t the best of cards, when it comes to money, it doesn’t spell bad news. It is even an indication of an opportunity to increase profits.

On the other hand, the interpretation changes when it comes to work. But remember, its meaning should not be seen as a sentence, but as a warning on how to act and avoid this unfavorable outcome.

work and profession

When it comes to work, Temperance is a warning sign. A common interpretation is that the cause of the negative influence is a woman (a colleague, subordinate, or boss, in general). This is a person who causes conflict in your work environment and with whom you should act with caution.

In addition, temperance is a sign that you are in a period of tension and it shows in your working relationships. Lack of cooperation could affect your job stability. Moreover, your impatience could cost you dearly to take advantage of interesting opportunities in the future (new contracts, projects, etc.), so you should try to wait. Do not make decisions with surface emotions and analyze the situation by taking your time. The key word is Equanimity.

Perhaps you are overly aggressive or avoid resolving past conflicts. It’s a good time to take time alone to make decisions. If possible, avoid teamwork until you return to your centre.

  • Negative influence in your work environment due to a woman
  • Your tension and impatience are harming your working relationships
  • Bad time to make decisions. Try to take your time to reflect.
  • Do some inner work to maintain balance, as this will help you see opportunities
  • Moderate your aggression and avoid teamwork until you get there

money and finance

You have the opportunity to increase the profits of your business or obtain unexpected money from other sources. Reverse temperance tells you that there are times when making decisions quickly and intuitively will yield good results.

It’s up to you to define in which situation you will have to make quick decisions to earn more money. The board of Temperance is that you prepare and analyze your current situation so that you do not miss this opportunity.

Finally, now is not the time to spend too much or get impatient with the idea of ​​​​buying superfluous things. Take care of your money.

  • Opportunity to increase profits
  • Deciding quickly and intuitively may well pay off in the future
  • It’s not a good time to buy luxury items

sense of health

Regarding the body and health, Temperance reversed is a card that warns against problems caused by stress and nervousness.

It is very likely that, if you do not moderate your anxiety, you will have stomach pain. If you have a chronic disease of this organ, the symptoms may worsen, so try to take care of your peace of mind. mind.

Eat a balanced diet, avoid sugar and highly seasoned foods. It’s time to take care of your stomach and your nervous system. You can also use tools like meditation or relaxing activities to take care of yourself and avoid unpleasant symptoms.

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