Buda’s Incredible Underground Labyrinth

The world we inhabit can often seem unknown and mysterious, but in reality it is more than that. Currently, scientists engaged in excavations have come across a series of rather disturbing findings. One of the most mysterious discoveries concerns an underground buddha maze.

An extraordinary trip to Budapest

Previously, Budapest was two different cities (Buda and Pest), in this charming capital there is an impressive castle. It is made up of mysterious caves and beautiful springs. But as researchers looked into certain structures, the tour was more fascinating but scary at the same time.

Disturbing Discoveries at Buda Castle

Buda Castle was made around the 13th centuryIt is a truly impressive structure. In its surroundings there is a unique panorama, however, under these imposing walls hides a very disturbing story.

Recently, it was thought that it would be a good idea to let visitors see the old structure. But suddenly, at any moment they were closing the maze and they evacuated people without giving any explanation. What led you to make this decisive decision? Perhaps a very puzzling discovery.

The amazing and huge Buda Castle in Budapest. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Haunting Story of the Labyrinth

The Budapest Grotto located in the castle extends over 1,200 meters. According to archaeologists, the amazing passages formed naturally, are the product of hot springs. However, evidence has also been found that stone tools were in use 350,000 years ago.

Arpadian vaults in the labyrinth of Buda Castle. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

It is estimated that these formations inside the cave already existed long before our ancestors came to this place. The maze served as a bunker during World War II, but in ancient times it was a hunting lodge.

What hides the cave of Budapest

In the structure inside the castle, remains of all kinds have been found, from human bones to enigmatic objects. It should be noted that many skeletons are Proof that very violent events have occurred on site. The first people to reach the cave used it as a food store.

The place was rediscovered in 1930, from that time they opened the cellars and allowed tourists to visit the place. As soon as you enter the labyrinth, a terrifying atmosphere is felt, the walls are damp, there are a lot of bonesin addition the light is dim.

Sculpture named ‘The Two-Faced Shaman’ has one face in front and another behind, he is always watching. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Vlad the Impaler in the Underground Labyrinth

At the entrance to one of the caves a harem was discovered, it is believed that they were Turkish women killed on the spot. Around the castle there are many legends which may be true. Vlad the Impaler, known as “Dracula”, was betrayed by the King of Hungary.

So they locked him in the underground labyrinth, where they let him die little by little. He was also brutally tortured, but no one knows how this infamous king actually died. Some people think he was buried somewhere on the cave floor.

The most mysterious fountain in the labyrinth

Visitors were able to observe strange figures, symbols, fountains, stone humanoids, an ancient art that says a lot about the cave. Like iron bars to deprive prisoners of liberty and torture devices.

An entrance marked with the labyrinth symbol and guarded by strange-headed blocks. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

One of its greatest attractions is a fountain of wine that never stopped flowing.

The wine fountains found deep within the Buddha’s Labyrinth. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The drink pours into a fountain covered with a vine. WhatHow is it maintained? No one knows, its existence is a complete mystery. Rumor has it that the enigmatic fountain was made by the King Matthias Corvinowho was poisoned by his wife with wine.

An unexpected evacuation, what was it due to?

The “Lost Horseman”, a sinister figure carved between the chambers of the labyrinth. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

After the decision was made to allow visitors to enter Buda Castle, in 2011 they carried out an alarming evacuation.

Some of the spooky statuettes that can be seen inside the maze.

This place was an attraction for many people, but everyone was shocked when the authorities they began to drive out the occupants of the place by force.

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They thought it was a terrorist attack, telling everyone, including the workers there, that they would be investigated. Ultimately, they did not explain why they evacuated the premises and they changed the workers, some time later they allowed visits again, a truly disconcerting event.

Currently, the underground labyrinth of Budapest is a very visited tourist place, because it allows to connect the ancient and hidden world with our modern times.

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