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Some tourists need a warm sea and a clean beach for vacation. comfortable, others need steep mountains and difficult climbs, and others need a pleasant encounter with an attractive and accommodating girl. This type of holiday is called sex tourism and it has been gaining popularity in recent years. For example, according to the Bordellero portal, about 25% of vacationers come to a new country to meet the local prostitutes and have an unforgettable intimate experience.

The 5 countries with the most sex tourism

Destinations as well-known as Thailand or the Netherlands are always in demand and appreciated by sex travelers, but there are also less popular countries with affordable prostitutes and democratic prices:

  1. Ukraine. The Ukrainian erotic sex industry is in the phase of active development of the underground economy, as the government has not yet designed an effective algorithm to manage the struggling industry. But even their illegal status does not prevent escort girls from freely meeting boys to spend pleasant holidays at an affordable price. And foreign clients from Arab and Asian countries have a special taste for Ukrainian prostitutes, because their classic Slavic appearance is considered a rare gem, and the fiery temper of Ukrainian prostitutes delights and amazes.
  1. Jamaica. Jamaican beauties with tanned skin, cool hips and waists are not distinguished by modesty and uprightness, which is why every man can step up to them for a deeper acquaintance. The world famous hotels of hedonism are open to sex with Asian women, where street clothes are forgotten upon entry and until the end of the stay.

  1. Mexico. Since sex work is legal in Mexico, you can enjoy plenty of commercial sex in every Mexican city, from famous tourist spots like Acapulco and Guadalajara to small towns with hard-to-pronounce names. Prostitution takes different forms in different states: in some, freelance prostitutes are common; in others, private or public brothels operate; and some areas rely on elite escort agencies. And it is also possible to book sex partners remotely throughout the country: the Website https://pander.infofor example, covers dozens of cities in different states.
  1. Japan. When talking about the masterminds of Japanese bodily pleasures, everyone thinks of the bleached faces of geisha in brightly patterned, multi-layered kimonos. But they are not really classic prostitutes in the conventional sense; these ladies are rather elite escorts, who do not always provide sexual services and are only accessible to wealthy Japanese. Foreigners, on the other hand, can enjoy the company of more affordable and open gazelles, specializing in traditional erotic entertainment at reasonable prices.

  1. Germany. This country is considered a real intimate business whale that can even rival the Dutch red light district in popularity. Although the prices here are quite high, all the girls work legally and are regularly checked by doctors and their workplace is clean. German prostitutes have their own unions and associations which guarantee girls a whole series of rights and freedoms. At the same time, the variety of intimate facilities available here will impress even the seasoned sex tourist: the country has both offbeat theme clubs and huge entertainment centers specializing in erotic recreation.

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