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Before deciding to follow this path which involves knowing how to start your ufo blog, you must demonstrate your total belief in the material. Remember that although many deny it due to the anarchy typical of human beings, we we are not alone in the universe.

The fact that there have been no recorded contacts between extraterrestrials and humans, right?, that they are propagated by the media, does not eliminate the signs that it is a possibility that we may or may not see.

The Internet is full of assumptions, gossip, sensationalism. This must stop and it is we, who understand that the mysteries of the Planet intertwine the threads that weave reality like you and us, who must put an end to this negative side which, rather than frightening the population, makes it apathetic and closed ., which weakens him in the face of events that go beyond reason or what governments, the media and skeptics who have the power to propagate his limiting ideas tell him.

The way to create your UFO blog that we will present here also goes against it. A lot of attention.

how to start your ufo blog

How to Start Your UFO Blog

Once the conviction of the above is reinforced, we give you some fundamental information/advice so that this type of page is considered not only of interest and reference, but also covered with the seriousness of those who believe in the life beyond. beyond our planet and His conviction and analysis of the signs is so strong that he researched how to start your UFO blog and he succeeded.

1) Find a reliable web host. Many decide to censor the truths others keep silent, especially if they overcome gross limiting beliefs. For this kind of website it is better to have professionals who believe and support, like those of Welcoming Chile.

2) Give it an appropriate domain name. The Chilean hosting company can advise you on this, as well as on the professional image (theme or model), which indicates to the public the seriousness and dedication of your work.

3) Reliable hardware: It is not only a question of placing images, but of describing them, of analyzing them semiotically and in complete safety; provide reliable data (dates, places, names) of the different situations.

4) Reliable support: There is a vast amount of bibliographic, audio and/or video material, testimony from podcasts, lectures and testimonials from ordinary people that can help show adequate material for hypotheses to become viable theories and never be considered as speculation or science fiction.

5) Ufology: In addition to knowing how to start your UFO blog, you should be prepared for the basic principles of ufology, which is the science that studies the appearances, probabilities, and documentation of UFOs and intelligent life in other planets of the solar system. This knowledge must be constantly updated and increased, thanks to the updated data provided by the JAR and the Russian Astronautical Center, in addition to the China Aerospace Research Center.

6) Have a fast and adequate site: All the material you collect will be visited by millions of believers around the world. Therefore, it should have fast loading so that users don’t get annoyed and go elsewhere dismissing the site as your probity; you must adapt it with download, reproduction, translation and commentary links, because the interaction between users It is very important to collect data and increase it.

7) Security, keystone How to start your UFO blog: This involves not only publishing material that you consider viable to associate with ufology and should be known to all, but also that these materials are safe in the hosting service server with continuous backupsin order to prevent attacks or theft of material by non-believers.

How to Start Your UFO Blog: Conclusion

With the support of Chili Hosting and their technical support team, the benefits specified will not only shine a light on all the effort you have started knowing how to start your UFO blog, but you will also shine a light on them public opinionto the compilation of myself and millions of other truth seekers, with all that concerns the extraterrestrial life which reaches the Earth in its UFOs that even the world’s most respected governments and people of science and/or faith recognize that they have come to our planet countless times throughout human history.

Although we still do not know why or why we could not contact us. Perhaps the first and true answer to this and other questions, you have it and you will show it on your own webpage.

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