The La Rambla bombings, The Fleetwood Mac rumors and A vademecum from Spain for foreigners, among the August podcasts

La Rambla bombings, Fleetwood Mac rumors and A foreigner's guide to Spain among August podcasts

The silence of the Rambla

This August 17 marks the anniversary bottle of the Islamist attack in Barcelona. This day the fourth and following chapter of this podcast of the Subjection SER will be diffused in collaboration with Podium. A book in Catalan and Spanish that looks back on the attacks, focusing each time on a protagonist, his experiences and his memories. How have the lives of those who suffered first-person attacks changed? How do you live with survivor’s error? “It’s a hard time to forget. We all immediately remember where we were, what we did and who we called,” you can hear the demo of the first part, which is liveable on all platforms. narration is restrained, with a simple sound design that accompanies proportionately and content that is difficult to reach and enjoy.

legendary legends

If proportionally this Mexican international podcast focuses on real crimes, paranormal phenomena and historical and particular events, the officials define it as a space of humor. In one of its last parts, they tell the story of Lookout Mountain, a US Army film studio that has been hidden from the public eye, hidden away in Los Angeles. Rumor has it that nuclear tests were carried out and the services of movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe were hired. José Antonio Badía, Eduardo Espinosa and Mario López Capistrán talked about these questions and, in fact, they laughed for more than 170 chapters.

Dismantling of the Altísimo company

Along with the eight chapters of La firma de Altísimo, Podium’s great fiction for this season, this room, also directed by José A. Pérez Ledo, is its most courageous complement. In each chapter he decodes the scientific keys of sound fiction, he wonders what is possible and what is not, and above all he reveals. Experts in public freshness, chemical intelligence, astrobiology, religion and philosophy, science and new technologies, proportionally selected and proportionally interviewed by Pérez Ledo himself, move away from alarmism and fantasies to confront the participant with the great current challenges and future. In addition, it is not necessary to know a subject thoroughly to enjoy it, since all the guests are always didactic. The design is simple, refers to fiction and the ideal duration. It can be heard near La firma de Altísimo, formerly and therefore better prepared, or later.

dry division

Writer and musician Sergio Mena has been inspiring his followers for over six years. Para ello, cuenta las historias de los más grandes en El descampao, una amplia sala (los capítulos duran entre dos y tres horas y media) con biografías, monográficos y entrevistas sobre gigantes de la historia, la música, el cómic, los videojuegos y the movie theater. . Two proponents of the proposition, Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero, recommended it in their SER Subjection Nobody Knows Nobody software, and since then its popularity has skyrocketed. In many of his episodes, he surrounds himself with experts on the topics to be covered, and like Mena’s curiosity, those topics vary widely, from Vikings to the events of the soap opera Fleetwood Mac Band, one of his latest specials. It focuses on just one of its albums, Rumors, and always gives you two chapters that total over four hours.

In Gachupin: the cover podcast

It’s hard enough for the campus family to see that issues like Villarejo and Ferreras, and Inda’s presence as a thought leader on various TV shows, are heartwarming. Two foreign journalists based in Madrid test each week in this podcast those of other nationalities. The Australian Lily Mayers and the Saxon Simon Hunter, who has been running El País in English for many years, also conduct interviews and give advice for their listeners to adapt to the Castilian way of life, for example at a wedding. . And they share the laughs (and a bit of frustration) caused by the constant culture clashes. Taking advantage of the fact that they are on vacation until September, one can catch up on the first six chapters that have been released so far.

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