Kansas protects the right to reproduce in elections

Kansas protects abortion rights in election

The Kansans voted to protect the right to spawn in their state. The result leaves no room for doubt and is a great achievement for the movement that defends women’s right to nominate, especially in one of those heavily conservative places in the United States. 60% of those summoned to the elections on Tuesday voted against a parliamentary initiative in the primaries which will determine the candidates that each party will present in the legislative elections next November (with 87% of the votes counted). with a Republican majority trying to amplify a remedy to the Constitution. This new legislation left lawmakers free to prohibit or severely restrict the state’s constitutional right to childbirth for nearly three million residents up to 22 weeks from their last menstrual period.

Due to its great symbolism, the referendum had a great impact throughout the country, whose two halves, perhaps more opposed on this issue than on any other, followed with passion.

This is the first vote of these features since the Supreme Court on June 24 overturned the half-century precedent set by Roe v. Wade, who incorporated women’s suffrage discretion into the 1973 Constitution. Summary value returned constituent power to the states. Since the error, 11 have banned or severely restricted the right to reproduce through laws passed by their legislators that went into hibernation as soon as the Supreme Court, the most conservative in eight decades, opened the door.

The text submitted to the referendum was certainly confused; so much so that both parties used a good chunk of the millionaire’s campaign money to explain what it means to choose yes (which actually means saying no to monstrosity) and the implications of an ash vote. triumphing by a large majority, losing more than the polls predicted.

The proposed remedy to the main text was to enable the “people, through their representatives”, to “promulgate progeny laws, including, inter alia, regulations which reflect the circumstances of an impediment resulting from rape or incest, or situations where the life of the womb is in place”. The new paragraph even made it clear, in misleading wording, that “Kansasians value both wives and children.”

Had the yes vote been accepted, it would have reversed a Kansas Supreme Court error in 2019 that ruled the monstrosity was protected by the state constitution. That value tied the hands of Republican lawmakers during this period, whose majorities in Congress and the Senate allow them to override a possible veto by Democratic Governor Laura Kelly. They will not be able to. According to the unequivocal popular manifesto, Kansas continues to be a sanctuary state, which will continue to receive patients from other places where the law denies women care: basically from neighboring Oklahoma and Missouri, but even from States like Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas. , Louisiana. , Mississippi or Alabama.

“Kansas headlines have always exemplified arbitrage, and this Kansas darkness has continued with this leader,” said Emily Wales, director and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, a nonprofit that owns three of the five clinics that operate in the state and provide reproductive health. services. “The anti-abortion politicians put this remedy on the ballot in the primaries, expecting a devaluation ticket, but they didn’t consider the Kansans, who said stop and of course they believe and make them confidence to make their own medical decisions.” especially at a dark time in history when people in the Midwest and South don’t have the same choice.” Planned Parenthood Great Plains even works in Oklahoma and western Missouri, two of the states that allow siblings with very few exceptions.

United States President Joe Biden released a statement half an hour after the AP agency acknowledged the conquest. Kansas voters have turned in record numbers against extremist efforts to change the state’s constitution to disenfranchise women and slam the door on a statewide ban. “This vote clarifies what we know: A majority of Americans agree that women should have an attack on gender and make their own decisions about their health care.” Congress must listen to the will of the American people and restore the Roe protections as federal law.”

Polls determining where Americans stand on the issue show that about two-thirds of Americans want some kind of monstrosity protection.

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