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A big 170 carat pink diamond It was discovered in Angola (Central Africa). It is claimed to be the largest gemstone found in 300 years.

The mineral was named “Lulo Rose” That is ‘Lulo’s Rose‘, since it was discovered in the Lulo mine, according to reported the Australian company Lucapa Diamond, operator of the quarry where it was found.

The diamond was discovered in the Lulo mine in northeast Angola.

The Lulo mine has already produced the two largest diamonds ever found in Angolaincluding a 404 carat clear diamond, similar pink diamonds sold for record prices.

The pink gemstone Weighing 34 grams, it is the fifth largest diamond found at the mine, where 27 diamonds of 100 carats or more have been found, according to Australia-based Lucapa.

“Only one in 10,000 diamonds is pink, so we are definitely in the presence of a very rare item when a large pink diamond is found,” said Lucapa CEO Stephen Wetherall.

It is believed to be the largest pink diamond ever mined, the Daria-i-Noor which was extracted from a larger stone and is now part of the Iranian Crown Jewels.

A “historic discovery”

The Angolan government, which is also a partner in the mine, described the Type IIa diamond as a “historic” find, since it is one of the rarest and purest forms of natural stone; meaning it contains little to no impurities.

Lulo RoseThe “Lulo Rose” is still being appraised to determine its approximate cost before being auctioned. Credit: Lucapa Diamond Company

The pink diamond will be sold by international tender by Angola’s state-owned diamond trading company, Sodiam, likely at a staggering price. The Angolan mines are part of one of 10 major diamond producers of the world.

Although “La Rosa de Lulo” must be cut and polished to achieve its true value, it is a process that can cause a stone to lose 50% of its weight.

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Another gem named “Pink Star” 59.6 carats were sold at an auction in Hong Kong in 2017 for $71.2 million. So far, it is the most expensive diamond ever sold.

The Lucapa Diamond company posted a video on YouTube showing images of the magnificent diamond:

References: BBC World / CNN.

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