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As pioneers of the European Championship – following the first impression in 1983 – still cheerleaders in European women’s football – nine times in the continent’s top four – Sweden have lived up to their history. It was not frivolous for him against Belgium. Sweden spooked the Belgians with movement changes and got stuck when the Red Devils gave them the ball. But with more regularity than football, Sweden won with their usual arsenal: set pieces. Of course, he had to wait for the reduction. In the 92nd minute, Sembrant made it 1-0 as Sweden took on England in the Wembley final next Tuesday.


Hedvig Lindahl, Amanda Nildén, Amanda Ilestedt, Linda Sembrant, Heartbroken Eriksson, Filippa Angeldahl, Johanna Rytting Kaneryd, Kosovare Asllani, Nathalie Björn, Fridolina Rolfö and Stina Blackstenius



Nicky Evrard, Laura De Neve, Laura Deloose, Davina Philtjens, Sari Kees, Marie Minnaert, Justine Vanhaevermaet, Julie Biesmans, Tine De Caigny, Janice Cayman and Tessa Wullaert

Goals 1-0 min 91: Linda Sembrant.

yellow cards Julie Biesmans (min. 15) and Davina Philtjens (min. 35)

The strength of the Swedes does not translate into ball control. He doesn’t need it. Those of Belgium, yes. And the Belgian team understood from the start that to control the power of the Scandinavians, it was necessary to take care of the leather. Ives Serneels’ side increased the pressure to keep the Swedes away from their own goal and tried not to lose possession. Sometimes he got it. Just for moments. The speed of the Swedes in the changes was too powerful for Belgium.

But the daughters of Peter Gerhardsson missed the mark. The Swedes couldn’t break the silence on the scoreboard either with set pieces or counterattacks. And when he did, VAR ruled out the striker’s goal after a fine pass from Asllani to Blackstenius. The Swedish entertainment revolved around the former Real Madrid player – she will play for Milan next season – still with an eye on Rolfo and Kaneryd on the wings and their centre-forward Blackstenius. Asllani’s problem was that she was too lonely to give a team used to fainting a break.

Sweden, without a blockade, insisted and insisted. In fact, he had 15 shots (five on goal) at the end of the first half. Belgium, on the other hand, was practically non-existent in Lindahl’s field of action. Before going through the cabin, the Belgians had only one shot from the talented Vanhaevermaet one step ahead of the half glass, which did not even bother the Swedish goalkeeper. But Belgium played with the clock. A painful control in which he ended up forgetting his entertainment plan: defending himself with the ball.

Sweden still felt uncomfortable with the attack. Without spaces, the Scandinavians had no other choice than to be wary to crush the Belgian quarter with central defenders always astute in strategic games. Then two big players appeared to stop any attempts by Gerhardsson’s side: centre-back De Neve and goalkeeper Nicky Evrard, who stopped as many as 10 of the 33 shots Sweden had taken. But initially, in the thirteenth drive to the top, the Scandinavians found the lead. Sembrant captures the rebound on the ground of criminal action and seals the pass from the semi-finals to those of Gerhardsson.

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