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“Was the Most High a cosmonaut? Setting of the chapter “The Tome of Secrets of the USA”

The zapper is surprised by a question printed on the screen: “Was the Almighty a cosmonaut?” It appears in The Book of Secrets of the USA, broadcast on the History Channel. The documentary series explores all sorts of conspiracy theories, from Kennedy’s crime to the hidden power of Hell’s Angels. In this episode, the White House tries to hide from us that the extraterrestrials have been there for centuries: not only did they build the pyramids, but they are also the main character of the Holy Scriptures.

In another network series that does not bear his name, Aliens, they devote a chapter to Albert Einstein. Was he also one of them? No, but his incredible mind was linked to extraterrestrials, like that of Galileo or Archimedes. Wow, there’s not a lot of work awarded to people whose merits aren’t at the top of otherworldly visitors (except maybe Calatrava Bridges).

Albert Einstein.Albert Einstein.©Keystone

UFO belief is not far removed from religious belief, just without its tradition. Those who explained the appearances of angels or virgins saw flying saucers in the Cold War years. The same desire to convince us that we are not alone. Since we all have a camera on our phone, sightings, whether wonderful or extraterrestrial, are rare, even if they get a lot of likes on Facebook.

According to devotees, aliens have been watching us, teaching us skills, and taking care of us for a long time (they could have been quicker with vaccinations). Unfortunately, Stephen Hawking is more believable when he says that if aliens ever come, it will be to conquer us, if not destroy us. That’s why comedian Louie says that if aliens exist, he’d rather not know. “I already know enough, I don’t need more. I don’t think the “we found a clan from another planet” story has an effective ending, he says in one of his monologues.

Ebola will be cured of stupidity, wrote Javier Sampedro. It was not progress.

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