Mafe Walker: the instant queen of foreign languages ​​and memes

Mafe Walker: the instant queen of foreign languages ​​and memes

The panorama is amazing to say the least. The Monday, June 6 draw of the first Venga la Alegría de Televisión Mexica software has a unique guest: the Colombian Mafe Walker, an influencer who calls himself a spiritualist, a telepath from a “cosmic portal”, and who even invited because she claims to be able “connect to space codes”. Share foreign languages. The woman, thin, tinted blond, comfortably dressed, smiles and, when given the floor, gives vague explanations and suddenly begins to get lost in an unknown language. He delivers his mess with remarkable speed and absolute conviction. One could almost guarantee that the earthly accent is imperceptible, come on. The software pilots don’t lose their cool and ask her a few questions, which she confirms with a mixture of gachupin and boruca. “Mafe Walker leaves us in a foreign language, totally live!” reads the caption on the screen.

The video of the episode, he no longer missed, immediately jumps on the networks and the woman instantly becomes the target of the meme. The crowd is making it a trending topic and they’re already doing it with Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan, who in this case doesn’t have a candle at the funeral.

Little is known about Mafe Walker. Only the things that she herself has said on her social networks. He says he was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1977 and spent time selling rootstocks in the traditional citadel of Chapinero. English word almost as fluent as the astral languages. He claims to have had his abilities from the start, but admits having blocked them until 2012 “there was like a portal and from there I started to manifest myself with the body”. That is to say, he began his career as a sidereal spiritualist.

He lived in Mexico for a long time. His TikTok account consists of videos of Walker walking through archaeological sites. From there he directs the “cosmic vibratory radiations”. This perfectly means leaving Borucas. For those feeling the urge or itch to get help from outer space, Walker offers sessions that can extend to the pyramids of Teotihuacán, Cholula or Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. He also participates by videoconference. You pay $75 per person.


What are your services? Ah, well, neither more nor less than the cradle of implants in the body (not physical, but imaginary and installed, it must be assumed, by dark forces to control their victims). And activate and/or reprogram the galactic codes “that we carry in our DNA”. And it even helps to properly develop the “psychic gifts” of those who fall in love with the required $75. She herself became an expert in acupuncture and reflexology thanks to the spiritualist Aurena Agathe Fowler (who, by the way, sat right next to her in Venga la alegría while her student Alien babbled, and who according to his curriculum vitae would have even been initiated into the mysteries of the cosmos, is a certified Spa Manager).

Few are surprised today that similar nonsense, that is to say the highlighting of blatant lies, is broadcast on television as if nothing had happened. But at a time when media rigor everywhere creaks under the weight of incessant false information and the manipulation of governments, parties and interest groups, the table is set for all kinds of charlatans. And many know it, turning ingenuity and desperation to get answers from thousands of people into a parne machine. Because today zero is groundless, not even in space.

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