Dog Day: These are the most famous canids in cinema

Hachico, movie Always by your side

Hachiko’s story inspired the film Always by your side, starring Richard Gere.

the dogs come home; dogs are always waiting for their masters; dogs make friends; dogs save lives; dogs are dogs To join in the celebration of Dog Day, let’s remember some of the most important ones on screen.

There were favorite races in the movies and others that earned a place in the minds of viewers for being the protagonists of an unbeatable sex story.

It happens with Hachiko, the famous Akita who waited for his master on a train for nine years after overcoming a heart attack in another town. The saddest thing about this story is that it is effective, it happened in Shibuya (Japan) where the puppy has a statue. In the cinema, Richard Gere and a beautiful specimen of this race made us sink with Always by your side (2009).

German shepherds have been extras and protagonists in several stories: there is no film about the Nazis that does not show their menacing figures; but they even remain in sweet memories thanks to films like “K-9” (1989) with Jim Belushi, in which an anti-drug agent must accept his furry companion, or the robust Sam who shares all kinds of tragedies with him , played by Will Smith in I Am Currency (2007). Of course, we can’t leave out Rex, who had his own animated series where he stole the show every episode.

Other dogs join the list: Einstein – who couldn’t have another name – is Doc’s unforgettable company in ‘Back to the Future’, even known as Copernicus in 1955 and a shepherd breed Catalan; Lassie, the beautiful German shepherdess who has a long filmography that begins in 1943 and ends in 2005, with Peter O’toole, Peter Dinklage and Samantha Morton; Beethoven, the gigantic Saint-Bernard accompanied by a cinematographic clan; and golden retrievers Buddy and Marley, who starred in sporting adventures such as ‘Air Buddy’ (1997) or hypertears such as ‘Marley and I’ (2008) associated with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, in which they destroyed home in the film and in the hearts of the audience.

Although they weren’t the protagonists, Milo in The Mask, Uggie in The Comedian, Toto in The Wizard of Oz and Frank, the alien who walks the earth like a dog in Men of Annoying. They are even unforgettable.

In the animation, Scooby Doo isn’t just any dog; He’s cowardly and hungry, but he’s got the size of a two-foot-tall human on two legs, a sense of solving horror mysteries, and most importantly, speech. Scooby Doo created by Joe Roby is a talkative dog, how can you not flirt with a dog that celebrates every adventure with a tough “scoooby scoooooby doooooooooo”?

Odie’s outspokenness, which he shares with the energetic Garfield; the fury of the bulldog and the beautiful steaks, which the crafty Tom slaughters whenever he can, encouraged by the crafty mouse Jerry, or Dino, the dinosaur dog of the Flintstones, who shoots out like a bullet to free Pedro later from a hard day’s work with me at the quarry.

There are more dogs: Snoopy; Huckleberry Hound, a gray dog ​​who shared space with Yogi Bear; Muttley from Wacky Races, possibly the dog with the best evil laugh ever.

To the list are added the precious Milú, from the intrepid reporter Tin Tin; Divo, the low-key Jetsons mascot; Bones, the friendly dog ​​from The Simpsons; intellectual and brilliant Brian Griffin, who has interesting conversations with Stewie from Family Guy and of course Pluto: Mickey Mouse’s dog. From the same Disney universe come 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp, putting their protagonists at the forefront of big-screen romance and adventure.


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