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Consecration Russia Ukraine

Pope Francis asked Our Lady for peace in the world.

In a moving Eucharist presided over by Pope Francis in the Mausoleum of Saint Peter in the Vatican, the Pope consecrated the Church, humanity and, in particular, Russia and Ukraine, countries currently on the way to annihilation, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Unexplored.

The ceremony, which coincided with the celebration of the day of Revelation to the Unexplored Most Holy Mary, had in its first part an act of penance in which the Holy Father confessed with the confessions of the assistants and asked for forgiveness to the Almighty for annihilation as part of the Sacrament of Penance, whom he urged to return to the Almighty and his forgiveness.

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At the end of the Eucharist and on her knees before the Uncharted, she prayed the prayer of consecration, in which she mentioned that humanity has forgotten the victims of past wars and the dead, locking itself again in nationalist interests and instead devoting themselves to accumulating arms. to prolong your peace and that of others.

“We have destroyed peace and have become capable of all kinds of destruction,” Pope said in the middle of his prayer, while asking Uncharted not to spoil us in further annihilation and save the world from a nuclear threat.

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“May the sweet diastole of peace mark our day again,” the Pope pleaded to the Inexplored, an act that ended with the handing over of a floral decoration by the children.

The Ukrainian bishops’ conference had asked the pope to consecrate the two countries in annihilation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary “as requested by the Most Holy Uncharted of Fatima”. Petition related to the mysteries of Fatima, the alleged revelations brought by the Uncharted to three young shepherds of the Portuguese city in 1917.

The Uncharted, according to the Second Secret, demanded the consecration of Russia, which that year began the revolution that would lead it to its Soviet stage, where the country “would spread its errors throughout the world, encourage wars and would persecute the Church”.

Regarding the intention to consecrate Russia and Ukraine before Our Lady of Fatima, Pope Francis explained that this act “was not a magic formula but a spiritual act”, a stirring of refuge in the Root of all in search of protection.

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The ceremony took place at the same time in Fatima, where papal vagrant Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who recently visited Ukraine, was sent for the occasion. The episcopal conferences of the world joined in the act of consecration of the most important Marian shrine of each country, which, in the case of Colombia, was located in the mausoleum of Chiquinquirá.


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