The messages of a supposed appeared to clear his old house


The paranormal activity started in an old house being renovated.

Did you feel that they were sending you signals from beyond? Well, a couple in Dodleston, England not only felt it, but received very direct messages from a supposed spirit.

The story is set in 1985, when Ken Webster and his girlfriend Debbie started noticing paranormal things in the 18th century house they had just bought and remodeled.

paranormal activity

The first sign that little was happening would have been the footprints, which looked like six-toed feet, running from the pavement to the walls and then to the ceiling.

At first, the couple thought the other was playing a prank on them and simply deleted the tags. No crisis, the next day they were still there. From then on, as the Daily Mail reports, things got stranger.

Overnight towers of canned cat food began to appear in the corners of the house, Ken and Debbie felt sudden gusts of cold browsing, sensed there was something – or little else – in the house, and whatever it was, I don’t like your presence.

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Messages from the Spirit

Ken was working as a coach at a local school for which he managed to get a BBC Micro, one of the first computers so far in the UK that didn’t have internet when installed.

It was this new acquisition that opened up one of the strangest paranormal mysteries of the time.

Without any explanation, a message in the form of a poem appeared on the computer educator.

“These are surely the nightmares of a person who is afraid. Safe are the bodies of the silent world. Become a beautiful gallantry, face the sun, for you will cultivate and sow. But gallantry rises too high and withers in the vehement light. Take out your stones. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat has gone to London in search of success and fortune. You must not lose faith, for it will be your Saviour,” read the poem that appeared on screen.

All of these experiences were collected by Webster in a book called “The Stiff Plane” or “The Stiff Plane” which he wrote years later.

The couple didn’t understand what was going on and suspected something was wrong with the computer. However, the second message that appeared on the screen was much more disturbing as it seemed to describe the new tenants of the house.

“I write for a lot. What strange words they utter. You are a dignified (good) man who has a pretentious wife and you live in my house (Who lives in my house?), with lights that make the devil. It was a big crime to have stolen (corrupted) my house”, then ended with what appeared to be a signature: “LW”.

All the messages that kept coming in for over a year seemed to be written in English that hadn’t been used in years.

Apparently, Ken decided to replace the messages by also writing on the computer and, in a way not yet explained, he started a conversation with whom, after a few messages, he shared that his name was Thomas Harden. Further investigation revealed that there was a person with this name in the 18th century.

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Time travellers?

The story was further complicated when a new character burst onto the screen near the hiding of the message.

Thomas had apparently commented that he was communicating with a “friend from 2109”, i.e. propose, 87 in 2022, so according to local media Ken also tried to strike up a conversation.

Apparently, the one who drew himself to 2109 told the man and his girlfriend that they “have a purpose that, in time, will change the face of history.” We, 2109, are not to directly influence their thoughts, but rather give them some kind of director who will lead them to their own destiny.

After that, the post continued, “We can only suggest that no matter what, we are all part of the same Most High.”

Haha! I now have a copy of the 2021 printing of this popular tale of grand psychosis, possible hallucination in time and BBC B Micro. #DodlestonMessages #Forteana

— James Quin (@J_P_Quin) May 18, 2022

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Because of this, some people at the time began to believe that what was happening in the house was more evidence that communication between eras was possible in the same direction of time, at the time of a paranormal event.

Docleston’s Posts

Ken invited a group of paranormal experts called the Society for Psychical Research to investigate what was really going on inside his computer.

However, despite the fact that the tax collector visited the house three times and wrote several messages on the computer, they never received a response.

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Shortly after it happened, Ken said he was kicked out of his home, although he didn’t say why or by whom, and was never heard from again. . However, before leaving, the man claimed he would write a play about what happened and what he learned about 2109.

And although he kept this promise in 1989, the year the document was published, the whereabouts of the man, who appeared to be talking via a computer with two people from different eras, are unknown to this day.

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