Forbidden to look to the future – El Tiempo

Forbidden to look to the future - El Tiempo

My memory does not bring me a good gift from Ericsson’s trip to Colombia in the spring of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, when the Swedish company’s bribes were distributed profusely, especially in society telecommunications state Telecom: they made it a hotbed of corruption.

But those of us who lived in those days before Odebrecht didn’t know that Swedish company Ericsson had graduated 5G technology in Colombia. Because everyone connected will depend on it, with one exception: due to the fearlessness of referee Ronald Neil Orozco Gómez of term 43. But “fresh” those who already have a recently purchased phone or tablet of this brand , as they already contain said technology. The others, “pailas”. Switch to other brands if Ericsson gives you permission.

A similar lawsuit between the Ericsson company and Apple was postponed to 2023 in the United States due to its high complexity. The arbiter of the case must be prepared to single out each building, effectively a world secret, used to design the devices that will access 5G technology. This is where tech companies hide their secrets about how they communicate.

It all started when Apple sued Ericsson over the fabric of certain patents and it was legally returned to him to say it was the other way around. What is deeply remarkable is that Colombia is the first country in the world to adopt precautionary measures against the liquidation of Apple devices, with a concept so confusing that it requires technology that has not yet been adopted. in the country. like 5G. Arbitrator Neil, Your Honor, does he know about trademarks and patents? Are you tech savvy? In telecommunications? Every device we talk about contains millions of patents. How do you know which Apple Ericsson is plagiarizing, if any?

I am simply asking this question because an arbitrator obviously cannot be condemned for pursuing an investigation. But to do this, in this case, you have to walk on a scree of very sharp knowledge.

In principle, it is the ITU (International Telecommunications Union), which is affiliated to the UN, which defines these standards. The countries meet to discuss the communication protocol with the antennas. It should therefore be world heritage technologies from 1G to 5G. And patentable are the devices we use to penetrate them, because that’s where the technological secrets lie.

The fact that a civil hearing in Bogotá clarifies what has not yet been finalized in the United States, where they are much more advanced in this matter, including factors such as trade secrets, copyrights and patents on certain utensils, raises doubts as to the indication . that Apple Ericsson plagiarized. What if the US court decides otherwise next year and protects Apple from Ericsson? Or to assert, I humbly believe, that patenting 5G is like doing it with sunlight or with the speed of the course? Everyone will patent what’s official, the most effective way to capture that veteran speed. But 5G is, as far as I know, an unprecedented achievement of mankind.

Because? Nobody invented it. Nobody owns it. That’s not to say there aren’t several companies with mobile ecosystems that have helped bring it to life. Is the new coexisting “unified” of mobile redes that will be introduced in 2019. Is the successor of 4G to connect mobile telephones, to improve the orgulloso of cuadrilla and the “latency”, the time of loading of a packet of information for ser transmission for the Web. With 1G, we could make calls; 2G, send SMS; 3G, use “smart phones”; 4G transfer, “Streaming”. 5G will multiply information highways, allow everyday objects like a refrigerator and a car to connect with each other, and allow chemical intelligence to multiply. From remotely assisted surgical procedures to coordinating agricultural tasks with sensors between crops.

I’m in the Apple circuit, I love their technology but I don’t share their abusive capitalist practices. Every time you upgrade your device, they change the plug. And right here I wrote that without you realizing it, they make you more delinquent and inoperative, your old technological machines. But the evolutions of the brand continue to obey a daring selection.

Not because a referee in Bogotá says so, those of us who still cling to certain technologies are forcibly prevented from looking ahead. With all due respect, the Honorable Prosecutor, Ronald Neil.


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