Trump returns to the political fight: “I have already taken the audacity”

Ron DeSantis, at a Conservative convention last February.

The camera is pure Donald Trump. The former president grants the New York magazine an interview in which he not only says that life on his golf course in New Pullover smiles on him, but also captions the journalist: “I have already taken the audacity” . Obviously, the boldness is whether or not he wants to run for president in 2024. Does that mean it’s going to happen? It’s not 100% clear. And the opposite? Even less. In the interview, he also says, “Look. I am very confident that if I choose to do so, I will win. He then refuses to reveal the meaning of his choice. And he adds in a knowing tone: “I would say that the big boldness now is whether it will be sooner or later.” Yesterday or after what? One thing is clear: the midterm legislative elections scheduled for November, where a third of the seats in the Senate and all the seats in the House of Representatives are at stake. Trump is back in the political fray (if he has ever been).

As he has shown during his four springs in the White House, he oscillates better than anyone between the wacky, the marketing and the suspense. For weeks, everyone in Washington assumed it would be introduced, and the question is when to announce it. The interview with the New York magazine at least addresses the temporal scope of his more than predictable audacity.

Some media mentioned last week that it would be the month of July (although they came from his environment, “it was fake news”, said the former president in New York). There are at least two emergencies. On the one hand, he’s exploiting the many weaknesses of his most egregious challenger, President Joe Biden, who is mounting trouble (latest New York Times and Siena College research found that 64% of Democratic voters would rather see “determined more” to deal with all that is unknown, on the other hand there is the idea that if Trump starts his career now in two and a half years, there is the possibility of an indictment for the revelations of the commission of he bipartisan investigation into the attack on the Capitol, the most recent, could be eliminated was dropped by Republican Liz Cheney at the end of the seventh closing session of the committee: “Apparently the tycoon called one of the witnesses who works with members of Congress, determined that he was working for him. no one answered the phone and reported him to the litigation power about it. Did he want to influence his treacherous mood? This is not not even quite k lar.

Whether Trump announces his candidacy before or after the election is important. Especially for his fellow party members, a party that has been hijacked since losing the 2020 election and insists on the proven, unsubstantiated theory that the Democrats stole it from them. He is demonstrating yet again at a rally in Anchorage, Alaska, where he went to support his state primary candidates, including Sarah Palin, who ran for vice president alongside John McCain, was one of the prominent figures of the Tea Party. . a political movement that just over a term ago served as the first laboratory for the style that would lead the New York mogul to the White House and who knows if that would forever change the rules of Washington.

The story of the primaries, held so far in 31 states (with 19 more to follow), has been, on the conservative side, the story of how much influence Trump does or does not have. Each of the quotes has been interpreted in this spirit, since the former president selected his candidates (each more heterodox) in each competition. It wasn’t always right.

lip-smacking republicans

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If he announces his audacity to return to the White House, his polarizing object (with or against him) will certainly increase, and RINO rhetoric will hijack the party debate. The RINOs (acronym for Republicans Only In Name) are those members who do not align themselves enough with the conservative titles of the formation and, for example, quietly support the right to fail or demand some kind of jurisdiction to dehumanize control weapons.

It is also true that when the shocking revelations of the January 6 commission inquiry surfaced, the rudimentary evidence that Trump ignored the advice of his aides and his tribe and pursued the voter fraud theory despite the disastrous consequences of such an action was suspicious (and that he was naïve on January 6, 2021), makes your company in the party increasingly uncomfortable, whether or not it is accused of these acts. It’s not light on the person who has to take the plunge, Chief Prosecutor Merrick Garland: Such a decision could have serious legal and political ramifications, starting with the discussion of whether Garland would face a conflict of interest. . interests that pursue a rival of their leader, President Biden. But even that might not matter. Trump has half a dozen trials pending in Washington, New York and Georgia.

Ron DeSantis, at a Conservative convention last February.BEAUTIFUL FRAME (REUTERS)

His character also petrified the aspirations of his potential opponents in the game. His shadow is still so long that few dare to confront the tycoon. Currently, the politician most cited as a possible opponent in the primaries is Florida Administrator Ron DeSantis, who, with his unequivocal conservatism on issues such as failure or education, has made adoption (and later confrontation with the multinational Disney) of The Parents The Right to Education Act, whose detractors are known as the Don’t Say Gay Act because, in part, that is exactly what it does : it prohibits children as young as nine from discussing sexual orientation and identity from articles in class, but only allows subsequent classes if it is “appropriate to the time or growth” of the students , and encourages parents to inform teachers that they are not doing so.

In the New York interview, the former president disparages DeSantis, says he made him a director because of his blunder, then plays another of his favorite games: lying with the truth (more acceptable the kind of truth that blurs the data). He cites research that the Florida Republican would win by a wide margin (58% vs. 10%). And it’s not even like that: there is another survey, from the University of New Hampshire, which gives DeSantis a very slight superiority: 39%-37%. And again, the camera is pure Trump.

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