‘Father, there is only one 3’: Santiago Segura ventures into an inconsequential Christmas film in the middle of summer

'Father, there is only one 3': Santiago Segura ventures into an inconsequential Christmas film in the middle of summer

The courage, not the recklessness, of Santiago Segura knows no bounds. After having made nearly two and a half million spectators suffer in theaters with ‘Father there is only one’ (2019) (13.6 million euros in sales), he dared to open ‘Father he there is only one 2: The appearance of the mother-in-law’. Right to cinema”. In the summer of 2020, when the cinemas had just reopened, the coronavirus pandemic was killing us and even the big Hollywood productions did not dare to open their products. Another success: two million tickets sold and 11 million euros at the box office. Summer was his again, as in 2021 with another close film, At full speed! Destino Asturias, outside the clan, although with a good part of its cast (one and a half million viewers and more than eight million euros). Unthinkable characters today for the rest of Castilian cinema, in a time of fear, ambush and fear.

Father costing no more than a 3, Segura seems to be playing it safe and yet is walking a tightrope with a Christmas movie that premiered mid-summer. He finished it. A story centered on the gifts of kings, the turkey dinner, the loss of a beloved baby Jesus for the tribe, the school party with the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, the children with handkerchiefs and the square from Dean and Chencho as the unforgivable A warning when the fire in July and August and 40 degrees in the shade hit our consciousness one minute before entering the cinema and another after leaving it. If there is any precedent for such a world-first, this review has no objection. Angry for his bravery and for waiting for his release. Of course, the film is insignificant as cinema, despite the climatic impact.

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The Segura clan is in decline. The first part, which perhaps lacked creativity as it was a remake of Ariel Winograd’s Mom’s Travels from Argentina, contained stunning physical humor and a start with undertones of hooliganism that echoed through the output. A refreshing and publicity comedy that is not a small thing. The second, on the other hand, was much worse without the backing of Winograd’s brand new history in currency. The physical humor was gone, the bite of most of the dialogue, some critical bite, and only a few annoying quirky humor jokes stood out. The all-white sitcom had been given a final wash so its whites could show off.

In this third, the process accelerates. It will almost certainly be another hit, but now everything is even sweeter, smoother, more fruitful, vintage in many ways, even covering contemporary themes. Ugly image, without a single narrative that makes it stand out with the panorama setting, or without cinematic tools that allow it to escape from the shot, father there is only one 3, it has a monotonous rhythm, interpretations discreet, little or no beauty in the situations and no strange rhythm in the dialogues, in the answers and counter-answers. It is not an angry film, far from it, since it has neither pretension nor gag of embarrassment. As lazy as any immature Spanish production from the 70s and 80s, and you already remember the titles. It will be a hit again as Segura’s reveal is faithful and deserves it. But the adventure remained incidental this time, in a meteorological tumble which perhaps has an excessive but never useless goal for the director of Torrente: that his film be the success of the summer, be released for months in theaters and then be realized around his faithful replacement. Christmas.


Address: Safe Santiago.

Interpreter: Santiago Segura, Toni Acosta, Loles Bravo, Carlos Iglesias.

Goods: The comedy. Spain, 2022.

Duration: 98 minutes

Premiere: July 14.

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