The PP will “facilitate” the approval of the anti-crisis decree with its inhibition | companies

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The People’s Party announced on Thursday that it would refrain from choosing the anti-crisis decree to “provide” for the approval of the government’s economic measures to deal with the inflationary crisis.

In Genoa, they consider the plan “insufficient and incomplete” because it lacks “specific” measures for the middle class. Including the deflation of personal income tax for income below 40,000 euros.

They also regret that the Executor “does not persist in reducing” the expenses of the delegations, while he has the “most expensive” government in history, with 22 ministers and more than 800 advisers.

Without confiscation, Feijóo’s team believes that Pedro Sánchez’s “correction” regarding the reduction of VAT on electricity, close to the entry of direct subsidies to low-income people to relieve inflation stocks at a minimum , leads them “to deprive themselves of choosing from the corresponding choices.” They point out that these “changes of criteria come too late”.

In this context, they are “against” the economic doctrine of Pedro Sánchez and deplore that the government renounces “political centrality” and “copy the proposals that inspired the creation of Podemos by Pablo Iglesias”.

For this reason, and alongside this announcement, MPs announced that they would oppose taxes on large electricity companies and banking companies, two measures “inspired by the economic doctrine of Podemos” until “each point is justified”.

“Without further information, we will vote against,” they said. “We cannot join the PSOE in its attempt to stigmatize Vice President Díaz, and we cannot support economic reports that can defend further increases in energy and hydrocarbon prices,” they have since added. Genoa, warning that “there is no guarantee” that these taxes “are not passed on to citizens.”

“The PSOE does not support our proposal for tax cuts for the middle classes of our country and the PP will not support the tax increases that could incite the Spaniards. Without confiscation, the measures serve to please Pedro Sánchez with his government partners and parliamentary allies, they are not intended to help citizens with their daily problems,” he concluded.

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