History conspiracy theories are catching up

History conspiracy theories are catching up

The 11-M attacks have sparked the most glamorous conspiracy theories which they intend to test in all sorts of evidence (backpacks, vans, tapes?) and complex conspiracies by whistleblowers and intelligence agencies to prove their reliability. Common sense and conviction showed that it was pure speculation, responding to political or media interests.

But what happened with 11-M is not new. Conspiracy theories to explain the most relevant historical events have always been very popular. Even great scientists have subscribed to it. Take the example of Isaac Newton. The character who formulated the three laws of motion and the law of attraction firmly believed that the end of the world would occur 1260 years after the founding of the hieratic Holy Roman Empire, in the year 2060 AD. letter

Like the story itself, the conspiracy theories that attempt to explain it are recycled. Wired jacket magazine, the most prestigious tech publication, tried to dust off history’s best conspiracies in its next issue to comfort blogs and Internet forums that, like Microsiervos, spread the directory like a trail of powder.

And there is a surprise. In the ranking of the ten biggest fabrications, the unlimited predominance stems from the fact that the man never landed through the window and that everything was set up by the American space agency NASA. But others, more recent, emerge, like the fact that the Church of Scientology dominates Hollywood or that the American government is at the origin of the attacks of September 11th.

More recent hoaxes such as the murder of Princess Diana overshadow other classics such as the CIA ordering the murder of John F. Kennedy or that Elvis Presley is alive. 4% of the crowd believe it later, exactly the same crowd that supported Spain’s Iraq Crusade, as former Anglo-Saxon Prime Minister Tony Blair exemplified to José María Aznar to explain that he would have problems with public opinion, if he took part in the conflict.

The funny thing is that a race of alien lizards, including George W. Bush and the current British group, rules the world. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism lingers behind some of the most famous, such as Jews dominating global finance or orchestrating the 9/11 attacks.

Here are the top ten conspiracies according to Wired:

1.- The appearance at the window is a NASA television montage. The versions are nearly endless. Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote the story, and director Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landing film, which was shot at a London studio. The impostor in the French documentary Operation Looking Glass was wonderful, with the complicity of politicians like Vernon Walters, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig and Kubrick’s own widow. But few things have been improved. In 1970, a third of those questioned believed in this theory. Today only 6%.

2.- The United States government was behind 9/11. The documentary Loose Change, directed by three children aged 22 to 26 and best-selling on YouTube, became the ultimate expression of this plot orchestrated by the American authorities who ordered the Twin Towers to flee with explosives. Moreover, no aircraft crashed into the Pentagon building. They were friendly missiles

3.- Princess Diana was murdered. It also has variants. More popularly, British intelligence (M16) planned the crime to prevent a crisis in the monarchy, as Diana had planned to marry Dodi Alfayed, the son of the Egyptian tycoon who owned Harrod’s. Only on Alfayed’s website is there a (recalled) steadfast chapter that supports this theory

4.- The Jews control Wall Street and Hollywood. The World in the Greedy Hands of the Jews, a classic medieval hog justifying Nazi atrocities, constantly updated. Later they planned the attack on the Twin Towers, which is evidenced by the fact that no stingy died in the disaster.

5.-Scientology dominates Hollywood. The repertoire of celebrities who have embraced this religion, with actor Tom Cruise as an individual, has made the hoax fashionable.

6.- Paul McCartney dies The singer of the Beatles died in 1969 and was replaced by an influential double. Well, if that’s true, you’re about to face a costly divorce.

7.- AIDS was created by man. The virus was made in laboratories as part of a genocidal plot to eradicate the deviant population. The US military, CIA or Russian scientists ordered their manufacture.

8.- Fried chicken causes infertility in the black population. One of the most popular racist theories of the Ku Kux Klan.

9.- A race of alien lizards rules the earth. Even Iker Jiménez would hesitate to promote this urban poster in his programs. The popular 1980 Mandate V TV series created a crowd of believers. British royalty and George W. Bush are among them, although it’s hard to believe the US president could swallow rats whole when he nearly choked on a slap while watching TV.

10. The Illuminati rule the world. Founded by German-Jewish Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century, the occult sect planned the annihilation of all religions and governments. Gradually, the Illuminati infiltrated all spheres of power, governments and Masonic lodges and were the protagonists of great historical events such as the independence of the United States or the rise of communism.

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