Taylor Swift Could Be a Clone of a Satanic ’80s Leader

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift.

Be the comedian who sells the most records in the world Taylor Swift constantly in the spotlight. And of course, that makes her the protagonist of Las mil y una. crazy conspiracies. A few months ago, it was her supposed status as a Romanza goddess and neo-Nazi muse that revolutionized the internet, but the latest almost unbelievable theory links her directly to a classic conspiracy: Satanism.

The fear of Zeena LaVeyZeena LaVey Scare on Twitter

Apparently, according to some netizens and other conspiracy theorists, the Shake It Off singer is a clone (yes, a clone!) of The fear of Zeena LaVeydaughter of anton levyfounder of Church of Satan. For part of the period of the 1980s, Zeena was the high priestess of this church and became known for extolling the virtues of Satanism on American television and in many American media.

As far-fetched as it may sound, the theory dates back to 2013 and was already published by various websites at the time, but only in recent weeks has it been clichéd by some media outlets. Reddit, in particular, paved the way, and from there to viral success, of course, there was only one step.

Clarification: Taylor is leftist.Explanation: Taylor is on the left.

The main reason given by supporters of this plot is the striking resemblance between the Zeena of the 80s (when she was a satanic leader) and the current Taylor Swift. Same brow bone, same headlights, same inspection of superiority… We see Zeena in motion in this video where, by the way, she undergoes numerous attacks in television software without changing her grin. We go there as a succinct Swift when they keep asking her about her ex-boyfriends.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube was filled with crazy videos comparing the two women and depicting occult and satanic symbols in the singer’s music videos. To make matters worse, some believe that the confrontation of kanye west and Swift has nothing to do with their ego: it’s because Kim Kardashian’s husband is a god sent to fight the devil. Taylor. We assume this is a theory that the rapper could have been made up.

The main downside to this whole mess is perfectly relevant: the fear of Zeena LaVey. she is not dead And she even left the Church of Satan founded by her father, leaving in 1990 to become a priestess at the Temple of Set, a Buddhist church. A Zeena, very active in networks, It doesn’t sound like much fun remembering your satanic past or being connected to Taylor Swift, and this week the former evil boss tweeted about it. The one who has not spoken for the moment is Taylor Swift. We may have to wait to interpret his answer in the lyrics of one of his songs…

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