A crime that has become a great conspiracy simulation in Washington

Rich's news that Fox had to pull after a radio and social media ad.

The news about Rich that Fox had to take down after breaking it to the wind and on social media.

Seth Rich could turn out to be just another crime victim credited to America. The 27-year-old was shot dead at 4 a.m. in a mix-up in July 2016 as he walked home. But now, nearly a year later, his name is at the center of a conspiracy theory from ultra-conservative websites on FOX. Rich was a Democratic Party employee in Washington who died days earlier. wikileaks published the first emails stolen from the party in a cyberattack attributed to Russia and hundreds of fake news without any evidence linking these facts.

Since his murder, Rich’s community has been fighting on two fronts. The first tries to find the person responsible for the crime, who has not yet been identified by the police of the compound. The latter resists conspiracy theories blaming him for the leak. “Our community experiences this nightmare every day,” they wrote in a Washington Post column, calling the plots “unspeakably cruel.” The web of lies has led parents to ask an ombudsman to stop FOX from publishing the statements of one of its commentators. The taxpayer claims that it was Rich who stole the documents from the Democrats because worked for wikileaksnot Russian-orchestrated logistics to support Donald Trump in the election.

The details surrounding Rich’s murder depend primarily on which media outlets are consulted in the United States, and the differences have been even more drastic in recent weeks. Conspiracy theories propagated by the far right escalated as the Russian conspiracy scandal at the Trump branch escalated following the President’s meeting with the Secretary of State and the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office , the fact that who shared classified information about the fight with them. against terrorism and the former FBI director’s revelations of alleged pressure from Trump to drop the investigation.

At the same time that newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times published exclusive articles daily with these details, the far right argued that Hillary Clinton was behind Rich’s murder. For its part, FOX cited an alleged investigator hired by the community, who turned out to be another expert network commentator, who claimed there was evidence that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder. Commentator Rod Wheeler came out shortly after, saying he had no information to prove this detail.

FOX host Sean Hannity insisted on Wednesday that the murder of Seth Rich be investigated further.

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Washington’s police chief said in a statement that “we have been unable to find evidence that the absence of this is true.” Authorities are now investigating the FOX commentator, who was recruited by an outspoken mentor, was allegedly hired without his permission by a Texas billionaire who still works in captivity and lied to police about his past.

The FOX Chronicle added that an FBI investigation found evidence Rich sent more than 44,000 Democratic Party emails to a deceased Wikileaks member, but the FBI denies investigating the matter. Claims that Rich is linked to the Julian Assange structure are based on Assange offering $20,000 in exchange for information about the boy’s murder, although he has never explained why.

Rich’s parents responded with a subpoena asking FOX to stop airing Wheeler’s statements because they are untrue and they believe interfere with the police investigation. His brother wrote to network executives again asking them not to let Kim Dotcom, creator of Megaupload and extradited to the United States for piracy, break into Sean Hannity’s software to falsely claim he has proof that Rich honored Wikileaks. .

It was not enough. Hannity, one of the most recognizable faces on the web, referred to a May 16 article claiming that Rich had collaborated with Wikileaks and that there was no reason to suspect possible collusion by the Trump campaign with the Kremlin. . He also credited claims that Clinton campaign leader John Podesta was involved in the attack on Rich. A week later, and after an avalanche of pressure, the prison issued a statement announcing that it had withdrawn the report because “it does not meet our editorial standards”. Still, Hannity continued her challenge, “I’m not Fox.com or Foxnews.com, I didn’t take the pardon.”

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