You Can Succumb Trying To Attack Field Of Action 51 In An Alien Investigation (According To These Memes)

You Can Die Trying To Loot Area 51 For Aliens (According To These Memes)

(CNN)– Are you willing to risk your life to see aliens? Refrigerate! More than 600,000 people say they are ready.

WATCH: Thousands sign up for Facebook event to take Action Field 51 to ‘see aliens’

A scathing Facebook event titled “Raid Action Range 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” urges people to gather at the US Air Force Base in Lincoln County, Nevisca, to enter the building and “secrets” it contains.

Action Field 51, as the facility is commonly known, has been at the center of conspiracy theories for decades, and a small segment of the population still believes the government stores secret information about aliens and UFOs there.

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“We can go faster than their bullets,” the Facebook page reads, indicating the Action Field 51 security level shutdown.

It’s a big joke, sure, but the event sparked some hilarious memes that illustrate why storming Action Field 51 is a bad idea.

you will probably die

Twitter user Barbara posted video from a video game showing a man watching a skydiver fall into a building. “The guards at Action Camp 51 are on the lookout for people trying to enter,” the caption reads.

Guards at Action Field 51 monitor people trying to enter. #Zone51

— Barbara (@ImBarbaraPool) July 12, 2019

Another Twitter darling, Epi, featured a circle in which a time traveler from 2029 called the attack on the Air Force facility “the big kill at Action Field 51.”

*Time traveler from 2029*

Me: So these people broke into Action Field 51?

Time Traveler: You mean the great holocaust of Action Camp 51?


— Epi (@MisterEninja04) July 12, 2019

If you survive, you must escape cleanly.

Some are already planning their escape. A Twitter favorite predicts he’ll arrive at Action Field 51 in a regular velocipede and leave in a flyer, just like in the movie ET the Extra-Terrestrial.

How will I enter Area 51 Vs how will I leave #Area51

— I am a penguin (@Gabriel_rod12) July 12, 2019

And deny any knowledge of the event.

Another Twitter favorite gave advice to anyone under investigation by the authorities: deny it! To refuse! To refuse!

A hilarious clip from “Extant Housewives of Atlanta” summed it up.

Government: *stops in front of my house* Sir, you have an alien, if so, give it to me
Me and everyone who stormed Action Field 51: #Area51memes #Area51

— キラキラ (@baratingz) July 13, 2019

Hope the alien you’re stealing doesn’t catch you

One person joked that human-led aliens could destroy humanity.

me after saving an alien but he keeps making jokes about destroying humanity #Area51memes #area51raid #Area51

— Joe (@JFlecTV) July 13, 2019

Or maybe it’s all just a big waste of time

Action Field 51 could just be a US Air Force installation, according to the government. Insurance?

Guards laugh at us after we entered Action Field 51 and saw no aliens #Area51 #area51raid #Area51memes

— m (@remysthots) July 13, 2019

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