The mysteries surrounding the murder of a young doctor girl in Palmira

Oscar Guillermo Gutierrez Carabali

Óscar Guillermo Gutiérrez Carabalí, murdered in Palmira in July 2018.

The sympathetic story of two doctors who decided to pursue their careers in Spain but became bitter when Óscar Guillermo Gutiérrez Carabalí returned to Colombia in July 2018 and was murdered in Palmira, Valle, came to an unexpected end.

When his wife Diana Lucía Acevedo arrived from Madrid on Monday morning, she found an arrest warrant for the crime at Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport in Palmira. The doctor was placed at the disposal of a bail court for aggravated homicide.

Official reports indicate that Acevedo is suspected for the complaints of one of the hitmen and the alleged motivation to collect life insurance of 100,000 euros.

Relatives of Dr. Gutiérrez’s wife claim her innocence and claim that she could not have ordered the murder of her husband if she had been involved in the investigation.

Valley Police Commander Colonel Javier Navarro said Acevedo’s capture was coordinated with Spanish authorities.

After a relationship in Spain, Gutiérrez and Acevedo, both from Valle del Cauca, married in May 2017. Gutiérrez, said a descendant, specialized in anesthesiology, managed to find a job in Segovia, then in Madrid.

Seven months ago Gutiérrez, 32, arrived in Cali to inspect his group and took a stagecoach to Palmira. But as he was walking down Carrera 22 to Calle 34 in the Uribe neighborhood, he was shot dead by gunmen on motorcycles.

The Municipal Security Secretariat offered a fee of 10 million pesos and the arrest of Kevin Polanía was completed on December 21, 2018. Police say the prominent man accepted the charges and provided information that led to the interrogation of Dr. Acevedo.

The possible reasons indicated in the investigation were a separation or the collection of a life insurance policy.

Acevedo’s relatives say she left Spain because she had an appointment with the prosecutor’s office on Monday afternoon. They assure that he has never stopped working so that the murder of his wife does not go unpunished.


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