The mysteries of the disappearance of an old policeman in pursuit

Major Gamez

Dean Julian David Gamez.

On Thursday, June 2, the deputy commander of the Pereira police station, old Julián David Gámez Amaya, went to support an alleged kidnapping activity that had begun in the center of town.

According to the statement of facts, there was a chase which ended in the rural area of ​​the community and the man in uniform arrived at that location. This site managed to rescue the alleged hostage and arrest one of the people believed to be behind the kidnapping.

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In the midst of these stains, old Gámez disappeared. “There was not a single scream, no one saw it fall, no one heard it,” Pereira Metropolitan Police Commander Colonel Javier Gallego said.

According to the official, the former Gámez was the only one involved in completing the rescue procedure for the supposed hostage.

“The intention of the staff (including Gámez) was to obtain the weapons from the criminals in this completely undetermined and deceptive sector, they found a cell phone and a flashlight. Minutes pass and all the personnel who were in the area decide to remove the inmate and the tests, and when they start they all wonder where Dean Gámez is.”

The hypothesis put forward by the police is that the agent fell into the 83-meter-long ravine that reaches the Otún River. This confluence joins the Cauca River 25 kilometers below, in the area known as Tiempo Pereira.

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“We checked and it fell in the same area where the criminals were dumped. On the other hand, the criminals are located because they are looking for old people, when all the staff come back and probe the river bank, they find the criminals badly beaten and next to some stones, they couldn’t even move, it was almost unbelievable. If this shadow prevented them from getting out, the injured could be evacuated the next day at 7 a.m., ”said the police commander.

On the morning of Friday, June 3, the rescue organizations, consisting of the official Pereira Fire Corps, Civil Protection and the Pereira Risk Mandate Directorate, managed to rescue one of the alleged kidnappers who had fallen by the irresolute and who was currently suffering from In the Ins hospital, tetraplegia and the recovery of the lifeless body of another of the alleged kidnappers are announced.

Amid these two men’s rescue efforts, personal items belonging to Dean Gámez were found, including his cell phone, wallet and pistol. “It gives us the opportunity to understand what actually fell and where he went. We believe he first fell on some rocks where his tools were found,” the Colonel said.

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We checked and it fell in the same area where the criminals were dumped

Police conducted the search by land and sea, and several bodies appeared in the Cauca river bed in recent days, but it was determined that it was not the 36-year-old uniformed man who had disappeared a month ago.

“So far we have not confronted the officer. We know that every day is more difficult, but we continue the search with the Ponalsar and Carabineros groups to ensure the safety of the group,” added Colonel Gallego.

Without a blockade, his group, based in Pesca, Boyacá, is considering other possibilities regarding the fate of the old man, including kidnapping.

The group’s spokeswoman and sister-in-law of officer Gámez, Magda Jiménez, told this media that “the translation made by the police is the fall in the river when no one saw her fall”.

And he added: “There was a sign where they told us that what the police say is not true, that Julián never fell in the river, that the situation is different and that is why the group took the courage to leave it there for the investigating authorities to solve the case because we fear for everyone’s safety.”

The group hired a lawyer who filed a complaint for enforced disappearance.

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“One of the kidnappers, the one who is bruised, told the prosecutor that he had never seen Julián fall into the river and that is a hope for us. The other kidnapper (the driver) did not says of absence in this regard, and the hostage even says the absence of Julián, “said Jiménez.

He even said that there is a deponent who went to the police. “It was a lawyer from Pereira who said that the shadow on Friday, the day after Julián disappeared, was walking in the area and saw two men coming out on the bank, one of whom we suspect was to be my brother-in-law.”

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