Japan prepares for UFOs

Recording of video released by the United States in April with alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Disc of a video released by the United States in April with alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Stitch with the gentle walk back to the usual job only to realize that the law is still going after society. However, there are some exceptions. The Japanese, for example, want to be prepared for the day when aliens appear and start memorizing how to react. Earlier this month, the Japanese Country’s Defense Task Force announced that it was developing a protocol to guide the role of the armed forces when faced with a hypothetical encounter with unidentified flying objects.

This plan was prompted by the appearance of three videos showing alleged sightings released by the US Defense Section in late April. The images, taken in 2004 and 2015, show the nimble sliding and gripping speed of various elliptical objects and the surprise reaction of the US military. “My Almighty, they go against a defeat of 120 knots [222 kilómetros por hora]“. The Pentagon decided to declassify them after they were posted on social media to “dispel any misconceptions about whether the material is credited.” According to the statement, these “phenomena” are still listed as “unidentified”.

“Because the Defense Task Force released these videos, I would like to hear the American perspective on the matter,” Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said at his press conference. The president explained that the purpose of this new protocol is to establish lines of work to react, record and report in the event of a UFO appearance, although he assured that the Japanese pilots did not observe any event. suspicious so far. “Honestly, I don’t believe in UFOs,” Kono added.

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However, other politicians have been less skeptical in the past. In 2007, following a request from a competition deputy to investigate “frequent sightings”, the hall’s former secretary-patriarch, the late Nobutaka Machimura, held a meeting with reporters during which he declared that he “firmly believes in its existence”, to the hilarity of those present

This memorandum establishes that, in the event an aircraft enters Japanese subtle space without clearance, Air Self-Defense Force (FAA) combat aircraft will be mobilized from one of the agency’s seven distributed bases throughout the area. These are first sent to the ship in English and then, once the origin is determined, they are changed to the national language. If you don’t change course, FAA fighters are allowed to fire warning shots or perform an emergency landing.

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Although, of course, it is not clear that this procedure is effective against a UFO. Ground radar may not detect the flying object, but FAA fighters may detect it during surveillance or training missions. “If a UFO shows up, the training will stop immediately,” an FAA source told the Japan Times. “We will try to identify it from a safe distance, taking into account the possibility that it is a drone, we will inform the Air Defense Processing Center and await orders,” he said. Explain. This way, the Japanese military will be prepared for things that may not even exist.

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