Egypt and its mysteries are already part of the Mundo Aventura park

The Tutankhamun story exhibit is suitable for the whole family.

The exhibition on the history of Tutankhamun is suitable for the whole clan.

In 1922, archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter made a great discovery: the tomb of the novice king of Egypt, Tutankhamun.

Almost completely unscathed from looting for 3,300 years, Carter and his team were able to walk past a perfectly preserved tomb that gave a great deal of history not only to Egypt but to mankind as well.

Now, the mysteries of Tutankhamun can be seen in Colombia, depicted in 93 replica sarcophagi, sculptures, hieroglyphs, jewelry, objects and other pieces made in Egypt, weighing 40 tons.

The exhibition will be open at the Egyptian Museum of Tutankhamun and will be open to the public from March 27 at the Mundo Aventura park in Bogotá, where it will remain for three months, before moving to Medellín and other cities.

With a sample of cartography with 3D holographic images -work made in Colombia-, the exhibition will be held in the country with the support of the Arab Republic of Egypt and, in order to preserve the pieces, it will be exhibited in a closed space perimeter of 600 square meters.

The curator is Faisal Said Ahmad, associate professor of sculpture, block and restoration at the University of Damietta in Egypt, who organizes the exhibition and will be in Bogotá for the opening.

The striking tomb known as KV62 is located in the Valley of the Kings (Egypt) and consists of four rooms. Carter’s study was so detailed that it took his team eight years to remove the more than 5,000 pieces it contained, including Tutankhamun’s mountain gold burial mask.

The exhibit also recounts what the religious and artistic civilization of Egypt looked like nearly 3,400 years ago (Tutankhamun died in 1,232 BC).

Juan Carlos Rosas, Marketing Director of Corparques in charge of Mundo Aventura, comments: “The novelty of this appreciation begins with its colorful entrance, which will be visible from outside the park and which is a large-scale representation of the Temple of Abu Simbel, one of the structures of ancient Egypt, public World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979”. This temple was built more or less in the 13th century BC. built. vs.

The exhibition is open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday to Sunday and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mundo Aventura is located on Carrera 71D, Calle 14 Sur in Bogotá. Reports by phone 4142700 and on Tickets: children, 25,000 pesos; Adults, 30,000 pesos.

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