Dramatic increase in reports of UFO sightings in Arctic America in 2019

Dramatic increase in reports of UFO sightings in North America in 2019

(CNN Gachupin) – In 2019, they received 5,971 reports of UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings in Arctic America, 43% more than in 2018, when 3,395 cases were reported, the Domestic UFO Reporting Center reported. (Nuforc, for its acronym in English). ). Nuforc is an independent structure created in 1974 whose main objective is to collect, record and, where possible, confirm and document the reports of people who have witnessed unusual events in the United States and the Canada possibly linked to UFOs.

Everything indicates that the better the celestial vault is observed, the greater the probability of observing unusual objects, and this is what seems to have happened in this part of the continent.

The structure cannot explain the reason for the 2019 outbreak, which includes flashing white lights, fireballs and saucer-shaped objects, as one of the mysteries of ufology is the difference between the numbers of one year and another, as reported by this structure.

The state of California leads the nation with the most UFO sightings, with a total of 485, an increase of 182 sightings from 2018. Florida ranked second with 385 sightings in 2019, 156 more than in 2018, according to the UFO Reporting Center.

Washington ranked third last year with 222 reports, 51 more than in 2018, according to the structure’s website, which obtains information primarily through phone calls, many of which are anonymous, and route reports as detailed as possible.

For example, on September 21, 2019 in Gallipolis, Ohio, “a police ex-husband and his wife, who are scientists, while sitting in front of their RV at a known campground, observe a very bright light approaching their camp from the south approaches and appears to erratically slow or stop several times.They estimate that he was within 50 yards of their camp when the alarmed spouse grabbed his .45 caliber pistol but was unable to use his aid or comfort guns.The object, which witnesses estimated to be about 6 meters in diameter, hovered nearby for about 8 seconds, then suddenly accelerated in a westerly direction and disappeared very quickly,” the reference reads.

The structure makes it clear that no one investigates the reports they receive and that many sightings may be the same object observed by multiple people.

There can be various explanations for certain types of sightings, as many people are unfamiliar with celestial bodies or astronomical events at any given time. Additionally, recent launches by private companies like Space X, which have resolved dozens of new satellites into space, may add to the confusion of seeing an unidentified flying object.

Despite this, there are many sightings for which there is still no explanation, such as the three videos taken by planes from the United States Panel, which they themselves have classified as “unidentified aerial phenomena “.

The acronym UFO generally refers to flying objects that have not been identified and are not necessarily associated with extraterrestrial life. Authorities usually refer to them as artifacts or phenomena, for which a variety of explanations may be active, ranging from the more mundane, such as reflections or weather oddities, to the more elaborate, including the possibility that it is whether space junk, comets or even space junk trade in sophisticated drones.

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