Authorities warn UFO enthusiasts not to enter Area 51: the military is late

Authorities warn UFO enthusiasts not to enter Area 51: military on standby

(CNN)– A mob of humans has a plan to attack Area 51 and “see the aliens”. But what if they do it positively?

More than a million people signed up for a Facebook prank event, asking users to congregate at Area 51, the US Air Force bag in Nevisca, in September that has long been a source of theories alien conspiracy.

“If we run like Naruto, we can outrun his bullets,” the site says, referencing the manga-inspired Japanese style of running in which you run with your arms extended behind you and start near the front. “Let’s go see the aliens.”

LEE: Thousands sign up for Facebook event to take Domain 51 to ‘see aliens’

A message pinned to the page attempts to explain what was exchanged: “Hello US Government, this is a joke and I have absolutely no intention of going ahead with this plan. I thought that it would be fun and bring surprises across the web.” But as the event grew in scale and inspired dozens of memes and jokes, the profile of the situation rose, enough to alert the public. ‘US Air Force of a possible imminent raid.

And they are not as satisfied with the situation as Internet users.

“[Área 51] This is a cracked training ground for the United States Air Force and we discourage anyone from trying to enter the radius where we train the United States Army,” a spokeswoman said. He is always ready to protect America and its assets. “

CNN has contacted the Air Force and is awaiting a response.

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Area 51 was officially recognized as an Air Force bag in 2013, but has spurred conspiracy theories about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens for decades. Broadly, Area 51 is believed to contain all government secrets about extraterrestrials, although the CIA has released documents confirming its use as evidence.

But it has since been confirmed that the US government has spent $22 million on UFO research. Last month, a class of US senators received information about UFO encounters shared by the US Squad.

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