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In Manizales, many wonder who will be the champion of the millionaire opportunity.

The small employer on the verge of bankruptcy, a prosecutor or a retired policeman. This is what we hear who is the champion of the draw with the biggest prize in the history of this equipment of the country sold in the suburb of La Enea in Manizales.

But the truth is that nobody in the suburbs knows who the new millionaire is, where he lives, if he lives in La Enea or if it was pure chance that he did business in this sector of the hacienda. Chace, with whom he became. millionaire on Saturday, December 12.

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At the moment the only person who knows him is Julián Hurtado, director of the betting house with an old presence in Caldas, Susuerte, a company that delivers 6,982 million pesos to this lucky one who made the numbers of the draw to the fate of Cauca in 1919 becomes the 0709 of the Boyacá raffle and invests 5,000 pesos.

“He is a person over 60 years old. I think it will take time because he is a professional, with a business degree, with a specialization; This means that he has the technical and pedagogical knowledge to send this money from permissible way,” the delegation said.

The popular belief is that once a certain person becomes a millionaire, he operates a house, a car and even leaves the slum and the country. But in this story, it’s not even certain that the new rich live in the area.

Según las histories que hizo el nuevo millonario o el millonario el día que se presentó frente a la empresa para requerir su premio, una de sus motivaciones para emplazar frequently era que la suerte le daría poco de metallico para emplazar a comprar el específico donde se encuentra his case. works and where you have to pay the location.

His shop, where several people work, hasn’t had a great time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now luck is smiling on him with far more money than would have been needed to grab the one. especially.

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“When you buy an opportunity in a neighborhood, you never know where the person lives unless you know them first. When he approached to confirm the price, he responded with monosyllables and a very clear minimum. He assured that he does not live in the suburbs and rarely receives the city, but it is the natural reaction when you speak to a certain person whom you do not know about such a subject, ”said the representative of Susurte.

He didn’t live in the slums and rarely visited the city, but that’s the natural reaction when you talk to someone you don’t know about a topic like this.

And it turns out that in a suburb like La Enea, one of the biggest, busiest and most commercial in Manizales, it is more complicated to determine who is the person who has become a millionaire.

“We have four settlement points there and the number of people circulating is too large,” Delegation said.

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The neighbors do not identify it, they speculate, but there is no certainty. Some say it is a retired police officer who stopped searching a specific pool a few days ago.

“I knew where they sold it because I went there to risk it and there they said the lady was lucky because she sold it but no more. The saleswoman stopped murmuring about it and just laughed until she couldn’t even remember the face,” said local resident Andrés López.

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The truth is that on Saturday December 12, after 8 p.m., this man went to ‘donde Mauro’, the liquidation point of the main street of the citadel, and bet -maybe- on the number of registration of the car that carries his house, a time of departure, what he saw on the wings of a moth or what he dreamed of several nights in a row, with the chance of hitting everything.

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