The haunted motto of the building that houses the Casa de América

Interior of the Palacio de Linares in Madrid during the celebration of the

Interior of the Palacio de Linares in Madrid during the “Day of the Dead” celebrations in 2010.CLAUDIO ÁLVAREZ

From the story born between an old building in the Spanish capital, a couple in love (half-brothers), a father who kept an unrevealed secret and the influence of the Vatican, only a piece of 130 springs could emerge that does not still does not arouse today nor the curiosity of passers-by and visitors who want to know more about what is hidden in the Paseo de Recoletos building, the contemporary headquarters of Casa de América. The motto of the buildings houses, on the other hand, the facilities of the institution that promotes Hispanic-American civilization, the motto of the fruit of frequent incest and of a daughter born with the stigma of a dark curse.

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The story begins at the end of the 19th century, when the construction of a palatial structure at the top of the Plaza de Cibeles was completed. The architect who made this possible was Carlos Colubí, a city official, and the Moorish commission in 1863 of Don Mateo Murga Michelena, then a patron. Don Mateo had not only amassed a large fortune, but also a son of that name by José de Murga y Raolid. The situation of the clan could not be better until the son confesses to his father that he is in love with a girl, the pipiolo Raimunda de Osorio, of modest origin.

The father was heavy, but he didn’t tell his son the secret behind this woman. Then Don Mateo sent him to London with little reaction time. Shortly after, the old boss passed away and his son returned to the stream. This time José, who bore the title of Marquis de Linares, married his lover, but an unpleasant surprise soon crossed his path when he found a handwritten letter from his father with a surprising story, written on the very day that had met her. on the road. was London: “Perhaps you were surprised, dear son, at my reaction in confessing your affection for the daughter of the incommunicado, after so many times when I told you the contrary; but this girl is your sister…”

According to the motto, Marquis Pipiolo asked Pope Bold XIII. for help, for advice. This was dictated by a papal diploma titled Casti convivere (to reside together but in chastity). Despite this, the two lovers decided to continue the relationship and had a daughter, whom they named Raimundita, who was killed shortly after they left.

Discovery of psychophonies and voices from beyond

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Leaving the currency to a band, since the murder of María Villapadierna -the last heiress who lived in the place- it was the seat of several companies until in 1989 it passed into the hands of the Municipality, which rehabilitated it. During the works, workers and security guards claimed to have “heard noises, footsteps and voices from beyond the grave such as: ‘I had a daughter’, ‘My daughter Raimunda? I never heard mom say it.” Several EPP experts then entered their rooms (the building houses up to 10 rooms, three halls and a chapel, among others) to give an explanation for these paranormal events. .

Some time later, another category of experts pointed out that the voices that are being heard are really a “mixture of ingenious tricks”

Among all the reports presented, that of Carmen Sánchez de Castro stood out, sent to the Cabildo, which included 283 photographs of the interior of the palace. A total of 22 of them were suspected paranormal events that manifested “as spots of light.” Various video cameras, infrared cameras and even a metal detector were used during the investigation. Sánchez de Castro recalls an experience of that year: “One of the people who accompanied me entered the group room. I did nothing but walk in and was thrown near earlier. At first, I thought I threw myself into my own fear earlier. I felt that the journey pushed me”.

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A year later, without confiscation, several experts on the subject were suspicious of Sánchez de Castro’s work, stating that the voices heard were actually a “mixture of ingenious tricks”, adding that the evidence presented “was not sufficient to support them. must bear witness to such experiences.

The building was reopened to manifest in 1992 as the headquarters of America House. The Cabildo’s innovative intention was to “promote the palace to the people of Madrid” and show its “precious historical and artistic heritage”. Despite everything, and in accordance with the tourist vein that it could represent for the city, each visitor can today get to know its different rooms in the hands of specialists in history and art who will tell him as little on the occult and the secret past of one of the most imposing Madrids of the 19th century.

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