Fortune, controversy and heinous murder: the media magnate who lends his platform to Steve Bannon

Fortune, controversy and heinous murder: the media magnate who lends his platform to Steve Bannon

In the new War Room software, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s controversial former adviser, has teamed up with his Rome correspondent, Ben Harnwell, a character in a bucket hat, brown striped shirt and half-yellow tie who, in a chaotic context, spoke about the “out of control” situation of the pandemic in China and the Winter Olympics being held in Beijing. Minutes after that eccentric correspondent’s first speech, Bannon posted a Filipino against NBC’s slavery hosts, whom he called “traitors.” He showed a particular grudge against former politician and journalist Joe Scarborough, whom he threatened. “Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. We’re going to crush them for grand larceny,” said Bannon, who wouldn’t cooperate with the investigation into the Capitol attack. Behind him hung two paintings of the Messiah and another with the phrase, “He won’t there are no conspiracies, but even coincidences”.

Airing six times a week since late 2019, War Room is one of Vivo America’s Voice’s flagship shows, an erased slavery that serves as an amplifier for radical voices that continue to claim without evidence that the November 2020 election was fraudulent. and that Joe Biden stole the presidency from Trump. Following the violent episode on January 6, 2021, Bannon and Trump’s accounts, along with other programs with similar content, were removed from platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. But its subversive message lives on thanks to Performance One Media (P-One), Vivo America’s Voice media. “He’s five times more muscular than Breitbart,” Bannon recently told The Washington Post. The former Republican president’s strategist has become a television fanatic and appears active in leaving behind the influential far-right website he founded, which helped propel Trump to the presidency.

Robert Sigg, 57, is the mogul behind Performance One Media, a Colorado company whose signal, through cable logistics, reaches eight million homes, mostly in rural areas of the United States reaching places where the cable cannot resist. The company’s software caters to Trump’s most loyal constituency: Vivo America’s Voice; Weather Nation, from the weather service; pursuit, dedicated hunters; and In Country Television, which combines motor sports with programming for horse and fishing enthusiasts. Instead, it doesn’t feel like the kind of TV a guy like Sigg, who often flies on private flights and wears fancy French designer clothes, turns on.

Vivo America’s Voice also has a broadcast on Apple TV, an exception among the rest of the tech companies that have turned their backs on Bannon, as well as other slavery programs that question the power of Covid vaccines, another topic popular in the United States. conservative television. One fact stands out from its contradictory trajectory. Sigg has also tagged several Democratic politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, the party leader in the Senate.

a criminal past

The owner of Vivo America’s Voice has a long history of run-ins with the law. In 2004, he was convicted of bank fraud. He was also arrested and charged with robbery in Jefferson County, Colorado. There are also other issues with the law: driving under the button’s assets, drug dealing, arrest for disclosed disorderly conduct, and a domestic violence complaint. His ex-wife Mindy Sigg, whom he divorced in 2001, received two restraining orders after being abused.

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In 2012, the American press was looking for answers that would explain one of Colorado’s most heinous crimes, committed on October 5 of that year. A 17-year-old kidnapped 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, forced her into his car and drove her home, where he raped her. He then filled a tub with boiling water and dismembered him. Investigators in the case said it was all part of a sexual need. The kid was arrested after confessing his horrible act to his nun. He said he was a monster and he had to be punished. This monster, Austin, is the son of Robert Sigg and Mindy.

“The evil is apparently true,” said Robed Stephen Munsinger, who sentenced Austin Sigg to life in slavery with no prospect of service. He escaped the murder sentence for committing the murder when he ran out of time. Although the parents are not responsible for their children’s crimes, Robert’s name has been associated with the case ever since. The student’s disappearance was quite an event in Denver. Thousands of people and dozens of police searched for her for weeks until emergency services received a call from Mindy Sigg to give birth to her son. “He told me yes. He gave me the details. The remains are in my house, ”he said. Robert Sigg limited himself to issuing a statement asking for community support for the community of the victim and thanking them for not going through the dejection of a resume.”Keep the Ridgeways in your thoughts and prayers,” the statement read.

Less than a year after this murder, Robert started a new business. In November 2013, he announced the creation of a new Aurora Business Marketing Company. The boss boasted of his 23 years of media experience and his eight-year career as an executive at media conglomerate Turner Media Group, which he left in 2004, the same year he was reported for mortgage fraud. Prior to his time at Turner, Sigg says he owned and actively operated “a number of real estate, construction and spa businesses.” Today, he seems to be managing something much more productive: the captive electorate that voted for Trump and the patience that the Republican is running for the presidency again in 2024.

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