UFOs: they are here (still)

Screen capture from one of the videos released by the Pentagon on April 27, 2020 showing

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On June 25, the United States Directorate of Homeland Intelligence released a long-awaited outlier: the Preliminary Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), a now preferred name for the seemingly obsolete UFO. In theory, the study would reveal the explanation for 143 cases of strange flying objects observed exclusively by squadron pilots or detected by American combat radar. One was the one described by Commander David Fravor flying over the Pacific Ocean more than 100 miles off the west coast of the United States one afternoon in November 2004. Fravor discovered, from after what he himself told the New York Times, what appeared to be a strange ship, 12 meters long, ovoid and whitish, floating in the sea at a distance of about 15 meters. The pilot started to approach her. And the object seemed to notice it and maneuvered like it was going to crack the American fighter. But in the middle of the road “he accelerated like an absence he had known yesterday and he just disappeared”, explained the pilot.

The nine-page study includes 18 special cases like that of Fravor, in which the flying objects analyzed perform maneuvers without obvious propulsion or are able to accelerate with a technical skill unknown to American engineers. In any case, the Pentagon only points to the precise cause of only one of the 144 files: a hot-air balloon. Otherwise, as he points out, data, reliable evidence and conclusions are lacking.

At no point, yes, does he mention extraterrestrials. It doesn’t even explicitly exclude them.

The documentation is the result of brave software in 2007, made in secret until leaked to the press in 2017, and with a budget of $22 million. The US government has not officially investigated strange aerial phenomena or sightings of possible flying saucers since closing in 1969 the famous Garzo Vademecum plan, inaugurated in 1947, and analyzing more than 12,000 cases of probable presence of flying objects on Earth for a final conclusion. .about I was no longer worth following UFOs. The revelation of the existence of this new software in 2017 and the re-publication of said report created a fever of extraterrestrial excursions in the United States, which was repeated by serious newspapers and television programs. For example, the respected magazine The New Yorker published a 13,000-word long article on May 10 titled The UFO papers. On the other hand, according to The National UFO Center, an American digital site responsible for compiling these testimonies, the pandemic has multiplied the cases of sightings of citizens in the streets. The reason is simple: because the masses are more at home, they have more time to watch the Gloria in peace. On the other hand, there are official explanations that have helped encourage the obvious cover-up: John Brenan, former director of the CIA, when asked about these cases last year, replied that they respond to “a kind of monstrosity that is the result of little is, that is not yet known.” We understand that you may have a certain type of activity that everyone could say represents a different way of life.

Screenshot from one of the videos released by the Pentagon on April 27, 2020 showing “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

For the astrophysicist Javier Armentia, director of the Pamplona Planetarium, all this is essentially due to “a kind of wonderful typically French or, more precisely, Anglo-Saxon folklore”. Armentia recalls that UFO sightings in the United States began in 1940. “Precisely when Sputnik was launched, when the space race began. The goblins, ghosts and fairies of the 19th century have been exchanged for modern, wise and powerful interplanetary aliens who come here for charity. There are those who only want the secrets and not the explanations. I am convinced that all these sightings reported in the Pentagon documentation are due to normal causes, although not easy to find: an error in the scan of the infrared sensor, mirages, technical errors… It would be in the presence of a technically competent astrophysicist. I can tell you that those who search for extraterrestrials do not find what is there, they find what they are looking for, what they want to find. This documentation leaves us astrophysicists indifferent”.

“After 70 years of phenomenology, there has been no antithetical evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial. They are simply a contemporary myth”

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, 72, has been studying UFOs for more than 50 years. His interest goes back to his nubility following his first astronomy readings. He always combined his work in the financial section of Ford Spain with his obsessive pleasure as a detective in pursuit of flying saucers. He has written 11 books and hundreds of articles and has investigated numerous UFO cases around the world. Over the years, he has gone from the “maybe there are aliens” of early nubility to the shrewd and unwavering disbelief of his painstaking investigation. He was the person chosen by the meteorism army in the 1990s to help them analyze and assess the 122 cases of possibly strange flying objects that occurred in Spain between 1962 and 1995 in order to declassify them. He discovered, for example, that the cases of possible flying saucers seen by dozens of people in the Canary Islands between 1976 and 1979 were US test rocket launches from a submarine 5,000 kilometers from the islands. He checked how often observers had known about the strange lights on the Gloria and compared them to declassified US military documents recording those military exercises and launches. And he confirmed that the times coincided.

Of the 122 Spanish cases, Ballester Olmos solved 114 by providing a plausible cause. The other eight, according to the researcher, are too old to compile the necessary and reliable information. This ufologist thinks that the American documentation is very bad. “It has historical significance, but I’m afraid they need to better assess their pilots’ ratings and, more importantly, the reliability of their state-of-the-art sensors mounted on the side of their planes. What a pilot says don’t have to go to the crowd. Pilots are wrong like everyone else,” adds this expert: “After 70 years of phenomenology, there has been no antithetical evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial. They are just a contemporary myth.

But is there no one there? To record the calculated number of planets in the universe, a 1 followed by 22 zeros must be entered. This: 1000000000000000000000. Are they all empty except ours? As Carl Sagan said, “The fact that the earth alone is inhabited is an incredible waste of space.” Carlos Briones, researcher at the Center for Astrobiology, attached to the CSIC and the Domestic Institute of Aerospace Technology, is the author of the new collection Are we alone? In search of another life in the cosmos. Briones assures that it is very likely that we will soon find life, even in the solar system: “On Mars and, for example, on two satellites of Jupiter, where there seems to be water under large layers of ice.” essential ingredient for cooking the organic soup that transforms chemistry into life. Another thing is that it is intelligent life that is able to rave and communicate with other planets. For this to happen on Earth, millions of coincidences must have happened over billions of years, Briones recalls. Among other things, an asteroid crashed into our planet and wiped out the dinosaurs, giving mammals a chance.

And if all of this happened on one of those distant planets, the delirium so far would be incredibly vast. The diameter of the Milky Way alone measures more than 100,000 light-years. It will be very difficult for them to find us in space. And also in good time, as the astrophysicist René Duffard points out. The Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. If this first primitive moment were the first of January of a hypothetical year, Christopher Columbus would arrive in America on the second end of the last day of December. Interstellar visitors would have less than a second to locate us, figure out we exist, and make us realize they exist. If they had arrived, say, at the end of September, the only thing they would have been antithetical to was a cool, hostile, vain planet, bombarded non-stop by meteorites and stars. If they had arrived in August, they wouldn’t have Antithetical Earth.

In dialogue by writer James Miller collected from Brione’s Compendium, a woman asks the Oracle if we are alone in the universe. The oracle says yes. She agrees:

“So there’s no life there?”

– There are. You are alone too.

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