The unsolved mysteries behind the disappearance of Sara Sofía

Sara Sofia Galvan

Sara Sofía Galván is wanted in a river where her superior assures us that she threw the body.

There are days when Xiomara Galván struggles to give hope and faith.

The illusion of being able to find his niece Sara Sofía, the student who disappeared in Bogotá almost three months ago, vanishes in the face of the error in the answers and tests that make it possible to trace the whereabouts of the minors.

Time has become monotonous for her because no one changes. “Sometimes I say it won’t change, but sometimes I think I can’t let this thing go on as it is,” the woman said.

Could it be that he positively died in the pipe? If a person has it, will it be in proportion? Could it be that he sold it to a network of people pimps or child exploitation? These are the questions that the little girl’s aunt asks herself every day.

These are also the questions that the authorities have tried in vain in recent weeks in the search for Sara Sofía in the streets, homes and rivers. Warnings about their disappearance have reached other countries in the region. But the different versions of the student’s whereabouts are so disjointed that they have complicated the search.

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The tragedy began on January 15 of this year when Galván, the aunt who had custody of her, saw her for the last time after her superior, Carolina Galván, declared that she would take the boocio at the weekend. end and would return on 18.01. A comeback that never happened.

Since then, the aunt has never seen the large blue lanterns that highlighted the face of little Sara Sofía, born on March 30, 2019.

The student’s superior and his ex-partner Nilson Díaz seem to be the only ones who know the truth so far.

Did they throw Sara Sofía in the Tunjuelito river or not?

One of the doubts that remains in the sketch is whether the student would have died from the blows that his superior would have dealt him and would then have been thrown into the waters of the Tunjuelo river, south of Bogotá.

EL TIEMPO received monopoly information from the investigation in March this year, which proves that the woman attacked the beocio and bathed her in cold water while using a leash to reprimand her.

Sometimes I say there won’t be a turning point, but other times I think I can’t let this thing go on.

According to the conclusions of this report, a collision with the wall could be fatal. There are witnesses who report on this reading, but they are protected by the authorities. According to the hypothesis, after the attack on Nilson Díaz, the student would have been led into a sort of sewer or drain in the Roma Class district, in the southwest of the city.

Initially, it was suspected that the man, who according to secret testimony took Carolina into prostitution, knew the exact position from which the body was dumped. In fact, on April 8 he went to the Tunjuelo River with the authorities and indicated the post where he says that together with Carolina Galván they dumped the body on January 29, two days after the alleged Boeotian crime. Some research and expert dissections have focused on this point in recent days.

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Despite this, the Boeotian’s aunt doubts this reading, as she assures that there is no reliable proof that Sara Sofía is dead. For them, Nilson Díaz is the person who lies.

“Police have had this read, but they have no evidence that what she said was what she said. There is no video or image showing Nilson going to the whistle, but they continue to investigate, where they find no one.”, he tells Galván.

On top of that, he adds that the investigation should focus on Nilson, the person he believes knows what really happened. “I’m sure my sister doesn’t even know what happened to her daughter and this guy has the whole truth. I don’t think I could have thrown my niece’s body there,” insists Xiomara.

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Another aspect that makes the tribe doubt this reading is the results of a civil defense experiment. On April 4, a team released a dummy similar in weight to the student, wrapped in a blanket, to determine the path the body would have taken and in which sections of the river it sank.

“We did the test twice and the dummy moved about 150 meters,” Ederley Torres, head of civil protection for the Bogotá branch, told Noticiero RCN.

At one point, another reading from Sara Sofía’s biological superior detailed that her daughter had apparently died after giving her breakfast and that, scared, she decided to throw her body into the reflecting pool for it.

However, in the midst of their investigative farming, the CTI investigators informed the little girl’s relatives that during an interview in the Patio Atún sector where Carolina was found before going to prison, this woman changed his reading and said he had given her as a ward to a lady. who had agreed to take care of her.

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Amid this sea of ​​versions, the hypothesis that Sara Sofía died of abuse and that the superior’s partner, Nilson Díaz, threw the body into the Tunjuelo River, is gaining ground for the authorities. Both have been in jail since March 19.

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“They keep telling me he’s in another city”

On 19 March, during the hearing before Curia 65 to examine the guarantees imposed by the security measure against Galván and Díaz, a hairdresser from Patio Atún said that he had seen Carolina come to the Nilsons’ house every evening. The man said he witnessed a conversation between the couple in which they indicated that they had given Sara Sofía.

This hypothesis suggested that Carolina would have entrusted the miners to a woman from Carrera 86, also known as Avenida Agoberto Mejía, near Corabastos, where Díaz worked.

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Reading picked up momentum on March 30, when the aunt who was leading the research received a summons from a man who told her that the Boeotian had been sold in Bucaramanga for two million pesos. Without confiscation, Santander authorities have found no concrete evidence in this regard and Xiomara herself has ruled out that her niece is the student of a video circulating in Santander, in which a Boeotian with facial features similar to Sara Sofía appears in a warehouse. . .

Despite this, Xiomara says she continues to receive messages on her mobile phone from people who claim to have arrived at Sara Sofía in Ibagué and Bucaramanga. He says that all this information will be forwarded to the case investigator.

He also insists that his niece is alive and that he doesn’t rule out the reading that Nilson sold her. “Therefore, I urge the authorities to investigate his past and find out that he is a bastard. I could be threatened and would not choose my niece over her children.”

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Aura Saavedra Alvarez
*With information from Bogota

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