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Ghosts, specters, witches, and beings from beyond the grave will invade the planet in days to trick its inhabitants into giving in to their fear tricks or coming to a deadly deal. Halloween is approaching, a pagan rite, the Samhain, with which the ancient Celts celebrated the end of the harvest and the change of the seasons in a perplexity where they believed that the dead returned among the living.

In the 7th century, the Irish holiday of October 31 was called Halloween, coinciding with the establishment of the Church on All Saints’ Day on November 1. Emigrants brought this holiday to the United States and from there it spread all over the world. You will have nowhere to hide and you will not be able to escape a terrible plan.

In search of ancestors

Derry Town Hall. tourism in ireland

Who wants to go to Salem or Sleepy Hollow with Derry-Londonderry by their side? Haunted markets, awe-inspiring parades and terrifying tours make the Irish town one of the best destinations to produce the Bridge of the Dead. From October 26, Derry will transform into Europe’s ultimate Halloween party for eight spooky days.

Mysterious events take place there, such as the Return of the Ancients or the Réveil des Murs (Awakening of the Intramuros), an illuminated entertainment trail in which more than 30 artists take part through unique settings such as the Ensanche. the cathedral, the craft village and the ramparts which will be 400 years old this year.

In addition, ghost story sessions, spooky nights, haunted tours and horror passages such as the Haunted Harvest Market or Samhain Sessions and a Monster Fair are planned. Information and tickets at Derryhalloween.com.

the panic room

The Fifth of Melque

One of the bedrooms at La Villa de Melque. Brief relief on the pitch

Have you experienced it in your worst nightmares? Do you have doubts ? Dare to stay at La Villa de Melque as a couple, as a tribe or with friends and you will have a truly horrible day. As the sun sets, guests experience a typical Hollywood motto adventure, blending terror and suspense, suspense, adventure, lots of special possessions, and lots of humor.

In this haunted house in the suburb of San Martín de Montalbán (Toledo) with capacity for 25 people, a congregation of actors will accompany them in a horror role-playing game to have an exceptional time. From 158 euros on Escapadarural.com.

an enchanted park

Tadeo Jones Portaventura

Tadeo Jones at PortAventura. portaventura

Driving a bewilderment of terror doesn’t have to be traumatic, it can even be as fun as enjoying the attractions offered by PortAventura World until November 18 to celebrate Halloween.

More than 160 characters, five horror passages, nine shows to disturb the bravest and a grand parade that invades the streets of the park as soon as the mirror comes out, will delight young and old.

This season features Mayan Hecatomb, a shocking, adventurous-only passage and enchanted expedition featuring the characters of Tadeo Jones as monsters and other creatures swarm aimlessly through the park.

Tickets for two parks and accommodation for perplexity from 65 euros per person on Portaventuraworld.com.

paranormal experience

All Hallows’ Eve, the shadow of the witches, is the best time of the year to have paranormal experiences and meet ghosts. Many of them are silent residents of haunted castles. The most regal and aristocratic ghosts are said to reside in the Tower of London.

This is the case of the unfortunate appearance of Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII’s second wife was beheaded there, and her beginningless apparition has wandered the tower walls ever since.

Horror passages, haunted castles, unexplained apparitions and spooky RPGs.

The one residing in Castle Frankenstein is more illusory. This fortress perched in 1252 in the German city of Darmstadt is said to be the resting place of the tormented soul of Johann Konrad Dippel. This palace-born physician and alchemist stole corpses in an attempt to revive them through an immortal elixir he created from parts of the stolen corpses.

Its listing is growing as many claim it inspired Mary Shelley’s most famous work. He is seated on the roof of the chapel. If you dare not approach it, you can always fly over it in a helicopter. From 199 euros, at Musement.

faces we see

In Spain, one of the most famous paranormal phenomena occurs in the former Preventorio de Aguas de Busot (Alicante). The dark inscription on this bath began after it was neglected after the Civil War when it was used as a hospice. In its dilapidated interior he lives and the lady in white appears.

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