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Plantón La Alpujarra to oppose the massacres.

On the morning of March 31, an employee of the Hotel Nuevo Milenio in downtown Medellín found the lifeless body of a fresco in one of the rooms.

It was Hernán Macías López, 28, who worked as a security guard and the aforementioned indeterminacy, at the end of his shift, could have passed a certain person he had just met through social networks , specifically a dating app.

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Her body was antagonistic, authorities say, after her boyfriend left the hotel suspiciously, so the employee decided to enter the room where the indeterminacy had passed.

The fresco, from Florencia, Caquetá, lay in his underwear in the bathtub, gagged and bound hand and foot. He had no visible injuries.

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This case has ignited the fear of the authorities because this year six members of the LGBTIQ+ community have been murdered – two cases have already been solved – and four under the same modality: you agree to meet a person via dating applications and they find themselves lifeless he found. handcuffed and half naked. They die by drowning or suffocation.

He is attached to Macías Juan David López Alzate, 31; Sahmir Javier González Sarmiento, 28, and Juan Danilo Bedoya Román.

The last cases, those of Bedoya and Macías, were presented on March 15 and 31. “We have yet to antagonist that there is an overall common thread; However, the way they contact these people is the same, i.e. via social media. We are moving forward with the investigation, we have data not only on this case but also on previous ones,” said Javier Josué Martín Gámez, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá.

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Who kills members of the LGBTIQ+ community?

It’s an open secret both in the city and in the LGBTIQ+ community. They say there is a serial killer who kills homosexuals.

However, the investigation has not yet yielded any results and it is not even possible to discuss whether it would be the same person.

A specific team has been formed to investigate the case, which is also working to protect community members. On the other hand, a bonus was increased from 40 to 80 million pesos “for all cases of homicide in this population”, reported the corregidor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero. It is the same amount that is suitable for femicide.

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It is clear that these homicides have much to do with variants associated with hate and concern.

Sebastián Arenas Grisales, executive director of Alianza Social Lgbti Antioquia, assured that he could not confirm that these crimes were hate crimes since the investigation was just beginning, but he stressed that “it is clear that these murders to which they refer have a lot to do with variants associated with hatred and concern”.

“Other possible motives” cannot yet be ruled out, the prosecutor said.

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Arenas also urged the company to say that “no kind of violence against us is justified.”

The leader also underlines that it is not a question of demonizing social networks as methods to meet the clan, but specifies that during these first meetings, to tell the relatives where and with whom they will be, since it is a possibility, it is “to defend one another”.

“You don’t have to shout about the relationships that networks generate, but it’s important to develop collective care strategies,” Arenas explained.

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The results of the investigations that will be carried out, among other things, with the surveillance cameras located near the hotel, are not yet known, but the community is delaying the next results, since the same people are responsible for the four crimes. the danger for this population collection is currently veteran. In fact, a hypothesis is strengthening that the same people are behind the crime of Bedoya and Macías.


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