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Holy Week is the most intense solemn moment of the year. For many Catholics, however, it has become only an occasion of relief and pleasure, although its essence is prayer and counsel on the mysteries of Jesus’ passion and crime.

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To establish Holy Week, we must above all give ourselves to the Almighty and participate in all the richness of the celebrations and rites typical of this solemn time.

Holy Week was originally called Spacious Week. Now is the Holy Week of Fire or the Spacious Week and its days are called holy days. This week begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday.

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Living Holy Week accompanies Jesus with prayer, sacrifices and penance for sins committed. Participate in these days of the Sacrament of Penance to expire in sin and rise with Christ at Easter.

The most important thing at this time is not to remember with sadness what Christ suffered, but to understand why he died and rose again. It is customary to celebrate and relive his deliverance from crime through intercourse with men and the power of his resurrection, which is the first of us.

Holy Week was Christ’s last week on earth. His resurrection reminds us that human beings were created to reside with the Almighty forever.

Palm Sunday

The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated, during which all the people praise him as king with songs and palms. For this reason, on this day, believers bring plants to the church to bless them while attending the Ofrenda.

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Holy Thursday

This day commemorates Jesus’ last meal with his apostles, where he washed their feet to set an example of humility and service. At the Last Supper, Jesus dwelt with the people in bread and broth; He left his body and his crime.

It was on Maundy Thursday that they instituted the Eucharist and the Church. At the end of the Last Supper, Jesus went to the Garden of Olives to pray. He spent all the uncertainty there and after many prayers the Romans came to arrest him.

Good Friday

On this day, the passion of Christ is commemorated: his imprisonment, the trials of Herod and Pilate; the flagellation, the crowning of sufferings and the crucifixion. It is commemorated by a solemn Stations of the Cross and the Adoration of the Cross.

Holy Saturday or Pleasure Saturday

It commemorates the day that passed between the crime and the resurrection of Jesus. It is a day of pain and sadness because Jesus is not with us. Images are covered and tabernacles are opened in churches.

In times of uncertainty, an Easter Vigil is extended to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Desvelo means “the afternoon and the uncertainty before a party”. In this celebration, it is customary to canonize water and light candles as a sign of the Resurrection of Christ, the great feast of Catholics.

Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday

It is the most important and joyful day for all Catholics, because it means that Jesus conquered crime and gave us life.

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This means that Christ gives people the opportunity to be saved, to enter the firmament and to reside always happily in the company of the Almighty. Easter is the passage from crime to life.

*Source: Catholic.net. Article published in Aciprensa

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