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Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular books of the last decade: Harry Potter. Sure, we all know the story, but did you know these oddities about the book?

Did you know that Harry Potter was inspired by a real boy? In 1991, JK Rowling traveled by train from Manchester to London and had a very interesting conversation with a boy named Neil Murray. He told her about his whole life on this trip and she was inspired to create the protagonist of his book.

Another interesting thing is that Hermione’s original name was not Hermione Granger. Rowling wanted to name her Hermione Puckle, but ultimately decided to change it because it sounded too much like porn.

And finally, did you know that Severus Snape’s original profession was a dentist? But Rowling changed it because she thought being a dentist required a lot of patience and considered Snape not to have that virtue at all.

Harry Potter trivia

Harry Potter Funko Pop

There is a lot of Harry Potter Funko Pop to choose. Some of the most popular characters are Hermione, Hagrid, Ron and of course Harry. They all look great as vinyl dolls and are perfect for fans of the show.

Hermione is a popular choice among girls because she is smart and brave. Hagrid is a great friend of Harry and is always ready to help. Ron is Harry’s best friend and is also very loyal. Last but not least, there is Harry Potter himself, the hero of the whole story.

Funko Pops make a great gift for any Harry Potter fan as they’ll love the detail and quality of the product. Even if you don’t know much about the show or the movies, you probably recognize some of the characters from their popularity. So if you are looking for a nice gift for someone who loves Harry Potter, you can definitely go for a Funko Pop.

The bond between Harry’s parents, James and Lily, is unbreakable. Although they are no longer alive, the love they feel for each other and for their son keeps them together. This is most clearly seen during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Harry hears his mother’s voice calling out to him and is able to harness her strength to defeat Voldemort.

Voldemort’s fear of love is what ultimately leads to his downfall. He can’t understand him or his power, so he actively tries to destroy him. In doing so, he destroys himself. Love is the one thing he can’t beat.

Dumbledore believed that everyone had something good about them, no matter how dark and terrible they seemed. He was always looking for the potential for redemption, even in the most unlikely places. This was never clearer than when he recruited Snape to be a double agent against Voldemort. Snape had been a Death Eater, but Dumbledore saw his potential for good and helped him out of the Dark Lord’s way.

Dumbledore has always been a big fan of bumblebees. He considered them magical beings because they were able to do things that humans couldn’t, like stealing and producing honey. He was a beekeeper himself and spent long hours in the garden observing the bees. It gave her a lot of satisfaction and peace.

Ron is nearly killed when Voldemort fires a bolt of lightning at him during the battle in the Forbidden Forest. Hermione immediately takes him to the dragon hospital, where he slowly recovers. Harry is devastated by the prospect of losing his best friend and half-brother, but Ron recovers quickly thanks to Hermione’s intervention.

Hogwarts is an incredibly magical place for Muggles. They don’t understand how it all works, but they are fascinated by it. They marvel at the stairs that change places, the doors that open by themselves and the fact that there is a floating castle in the middle of the field. For them, it is as if they had entered another world; a world full of magic and unexplained possibilities.

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