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A large company offers a shocking plan to its employees: by inserting a chip in their brain, they can separate their memories of work from those of their free time. A part of the consciousness remains locked in the office and the other lives in perpetual idleness without understanding the lack of the other. The series was fired Separation (Apple TV+), and it’s wonderfully ironic that this embodiment of technocratic messianism was produced and broadcast by the company that wanted to replace the cross with a bitten apple and Christ with Steve Jobs.

The series is, at its core, a contemporary conspiracy thriller that predates the Dead Sea Scrolls. The good thing about separation is that it is enjoyed despite the crass sermon on salt of anti-neoliberal doctrine. The incarnation is as aesthetically refined as it is raw in its dystopian approach, forcing an enormous distance between the characters and the viewer. If someone who wants to live with a computer compares its ingenuity to the plot of the series, he will hardly see a lack there: his company does not want to split it, but to merge all its parts into one cohesive, unbroken existence. , without Quotations, idleness without personal affairs.

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The boundary between private life and work was a wall built by the struggle of the workers, not by the employers. Worktop terror isn’t a chip in the brain, it’s one of those foosball-scooter desks where work feels like jolly camping. The ominous menace is not Patricia Arquette in a silver skein, supplanted by Cruella de Vil, but rather your 30-year-old leader in a Big Bang Theory t-shirt who sends you a WhatsApp with teaser of indeterminacy emoticons asking you for a very good atmosphere if you could deliver the plan tomorrow.

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