He went from a rogue in Harry Potter to a true martial artist.

Joshua Herdman, the “Harry Potter” actor who is now a persevering MMA fighter.

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter dynasty, you might have wondered how the actors live today. One of them, who played one of Draco Malfoy’s evil friends, had a 180 degree change in his life. You will be surprised to see who he is and what he looks like now.

Since the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, hit the big screens in 2001, the manifesto has been captivated by this story and viewers have relived scenes from the dynasty as if they were seeing them for the first time. first time.

In particular, the students of ‘Slytherin’ house played a huge role in the film series, as it included several antagonistic characters who got involved in the darker mysteries of the wizarding world.

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Among the characters most remembered by fans are ‘Draco Malfoy’ and his family of friends ‘Crabbe’ and ‘Goyle’, who were known to be conceited and forever trying to be ‘Harry Potter’ and his friends for make life difficult for Gryffindor. β€œ.

English actor Joshua Herdman is the one who gave life to ‘Gregory Goyle’, a new ignoramus and few words who has always followed in the footsteps of ‘Malfoy’ and ‘Crabbe’.

Now 35, Herdman left acting to pursue mixed martial arts (MMA), where he became a highly respected athlete. As seen today, he is almost unrecognizable from his role in the dynasty.

Who is Joshua Herdman?

Joshua Colin Herdman was born on March 26, 1987 in Hampton, UK. He is the son of Jessica Herdman and former footballer and actor Martin Herdman.

As the actor explained in an interview with English media The Mirror, he experienced his first boom at the age of 13, because it was then that he was the favorite to be part of one of the most famous sagas in the world. .

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The production team initially called him on to work as “Dudley Dursley”, Harry’s “Muggle” cousin, but were eventually convinced that he would be better off working as “the student of Slytherin”.

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The performer said he really enjoyed playing Goyle, even though he was an opposite character, so he kept the role for all seven Harry Potter sequels. However, acting was not his real or only passion.

His life after leaving the world of cinema.

In 2017, Herdman told the Mirror that growing up he felt like his life was a bit out of control: “To be honest, I was a party animal, like a lot of young people. I don’t know if it was the crowd I left with or if that was the ticket.”

When he played “Goyle” and a few years later during his teenage years, the actor was overweight. Additionally, there was a time when he smoked regularly to ease his anxiety, which greatly worsened his physical condition and abilities.

The performer pointed out that when he felt he was reaching a limit, he decided to change his habits to improve his physical and mental vigor. So he started practicing mixed martial arts, the sport that was to become his new lifestyle.

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β€œI decided I was going to get in shape and I knew I needed few things to focus on. And that’s where discipline, tenacity and drive are the keys to moving forward” , said the interpreter.

Since his debut in the sport, not only has his physical appearance changed, as he has lost a lot of weight and shaved his head smartly, but the discipline and dedication have brought him better emotional stability.

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“It’s exactly what a lot of people who are new to martial arts can’t get past and don’t like, but it was exactly what I needed and it taught me focus, it has everything. changed for me,” the actor said.

He made his debut as an MMA fighter in 2016 at the City Pavillion in the English city of London. There he beat his Polish competitor Janusz Walachowski, for which he received manifesto praise and set a good precedent as an athlete.

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In addition, the athlete has extensive experience in other martial arts, which has brought him some success: “I have been training in traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu for almost five years and I have a boring shodan belt .”

Will he return to television?

As confirmed by Herdman in the interview, he will return to working in front of the cameras, although this time it will be a completely different experience as he will take part in a series called The Games.

This production deals with a televised competition in which 12 celebrities are trained by the best swimmers, cyclists and athletes in the country; to then compete in a series of physical tests. In the end, there will be only one winner.

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“It’s going to be a fantastic life experience, learning new things, having a challenge and a competition, so it ticks all the boxes for me,” said the persevering man, who was one of the opponents who gave him a shot. made life difficult. few years ago. . . the most famous magician in the world

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