A magical and mysterious shadow comes to life in La Playa

The parade will return to La Playa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of EPM’s Christmas lights, which were also born on this street.

Beyond the jungle but with all its natural charm, Madremonte will be in that shadow as you wander the streets of downtown Medellín. Four meters high, dressed in flowers, she will walk and dance to the rhythm of music and the bustle of loved ones in a different interpretation of the parade of lights, myths and legends.

This year, juxtaposed with this one, the characters of Patasola, the witches, El Patas, the priest without beginning, La Llorona, El Mohán, El Hojarasquín del Monte, Las almas, the Tiger of Amalfi and others return to the Avenida La Playa of Colombian mythology. .
During the initial reading, the parade took place at another location in the city, from San Juan Street to La Macarena.

It will be a show of lights, rhythms and colors where nearly 700 artists, divided into 12 music, circus, theater and dance groups, will present to Medellín its commitment to preserving the traditions and the Christmas season in a circumstance of peace and compromise, says John Viana, handsome director of the parade, who since 1974 has been a reference in the city.

Of the 12 artistic proposals, eight belong to the city and were selected in the Call for Incentives for Art and Civilization 2017. The other four carnival foundations are national: Montón de Teatro Danza Pies del Sol ( Nariño), Third Act Cultural Corporation (Bogotá), AAINJAA (Bogotá) and Tierra Antioqueña Folklore Corporation (Copacabana).

🎺🧟‍♀️Tomorrow, December 8, come and enjoy with your group the Parade of Myths and Legends which recreates stories and reflects our cultural tradition of the Enlightenment.👺👻#ContamosConVos #CulturaMed pic.twitter.com/tQduzN7C50

— Corregidor of Medellín (@AlcaldiadeMed) December 7, 2017

For the secretary of Civic Civilization of Medellín, Lina Botero Villa, the selection of the participants was carried out under a critical character to guarantee a quality spectacle.

“We have a responsibility towards the notorious people who will see this production, because the parade must have a high artistic quality,” said Botero.

The parade, which cost around 800 million pesos, begins this shade at 7:00 p.m. at the Pablo Tobón Uribe theater. From there dead along the beach to Avenida Uruguayo where it connects to San Juan to end at Parque Las Luces. There will be about 1,800 meters of people’s civilization suppression.

The Madremonte myth is represented by the Vivaz Artistic Expression Corporation through a troupe called Arbolado, which will present a carnival with large figures, shawls, dancers and circus acts with stilts and jugglers.

“For us, participating in Myths and Legends is an honor for all that the parade represents. On the other hand, it will allow us to connect with thousands of people who will gather to see our work”, commented Danilo Arias Roldán, director of Vivaz Artistic Expression Corporation.

We have a responsibility towards the notorious who see this production, because the parade must be of artistic quality.

Likewise, Viana expressed that the mix of artistic groups and combat groups will allow for a very colorful and energetic fusion to express the work of each participant with passion.

“We hope it lasts for many springs and that loved ones continue to identify with these myths because there is a tradition that young people and children should be asked to keep it because it does not harm anyone and d on the other hand, on the contrary, encourage civilization,” said Viana.

The Mayor of Medellín’s office estimates that at least 70,000 people, including locals and foreigners, will visit the city during the Christmas season. An estimated 400,000 people take part in the parade.

The parade returns to La Playa to celebrate 50 years of EPM’s Christmas lights which, like myths and legends, were born in this traditional street.

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