Superior disappeared in 1974 found

Lula Gillespie Miller, a superior who mysteriously disappeared in 1974.

(CNN)– It was a cover-up that had plagued the small town of Honor, Indiana, for more than 40 years: the disappearance of Lula Gillespie Miller. For years, locals wondered what happened to her when her superior disappeared without a trace in 1974, when she was 28.

“He was here outside the store the day he disappeared,” recalled Milred Gabbard, an Honor resident who ran the town store at the time. “That was the last time anyone saw her.”

Until now.

One of her daughters, barely a newborn when the woman disappeared, began a frantic search for her superior, reports CNN affiliate WCPO.

His quest included convincing the circumscribed police to dust off the body of an unidentified woman to see if she was his superior.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Gillespie Miller, but the case caught the attention of police officer Scott Jarvis, who continued his search for the woman. And he found her.

Now he lives under another name in Texas. Running away is not considered a crime, so the police won’t reveal your new identity to respect your privacy. However, the woman has agreed to provide her details to the authorities in order to find the girl she left over 40 years ago.

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