Five streets in the center of Cartagena that “hide” horror stories –

Panoramic view of the historic center of Cartagena.

For years Cartagena was the seat of power of the Spaniards in Colombia and thanks to this it is today a world tourist attraction for its historic center full of colonial mansions that tell hundreds of stories, some real and d others that have changed over time. until they become myths that have become legends.

During guided tours through the streets with original names in the center of the tourist district, guides tell some of them to visitors. Among these stories, there are horror stories.

These are five streets in the center of Cartagena that have become famous for their mysterious past and their supposed ghosts.

deadgrave street

This is perhaps the truest of all stories. On this street in central Cartagena, neighbors used to march to admit their deceased loved ones to the San Diego cemetery.

Without waterlogging, the estate was in very bad condition and made of stones, so that those who carried the coffin in the middle of the procession were unsettled and moved the coffin from one band to another, making the deceased appear from side to side on more than one occasion. his body or even that the box fell and the dead man came out.

Because of this, the street was named Tumbamuertos by the municipality. The “scary” part also stems from the fact that many people have reported hearing the laughter of a mocking wraith on more than one occasion.

the street i want

This street takes its name from a dark and tragic story.

According to tour guides, one day Mr. Miguel Quero heard a noise that seemed to come from the trunk where he kept his things, so he decided to see what was going on and if he had lost anything along the way.

Quero checked the ark and made sure everything was complete and within its measure, but when he tried to remove his humanity from the container, the lid suddenly closed on his capital, killing him.

Some time later, it is said, a person was smoking a cigarette on that specific street in front of Don Quero’s house, when suddenly a skeletal hand snatched the cigarette from his mouth.

Rue Ricaurte

According to the poster, one of the houses at the top of Ricaurte Street was occupied by goblins who liked to fight in bewilderment and listen to the clanking of their swords and broken glass.

Don Sancho Street

This street in the historic center of Cartagena is one of the most popular for its legends.

Among the stories that the guides tell tourists is that of the soul of the priest Marín, who visited one of the houses in the area in search of its treasures.

The fear caused by the cartel many years ago kept the community from going to Don Sancho Street in bewilderment.

Santo Domingo Street

In this popular area of ​​the historic center of Cartagena, it was reported that in hours of perplexity, a horse-drawn carriage was set on fire, driven by someone who – it is not known if it was a a specter or a demon – threw sparks to the stars.

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