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Let’s start with our greatest strength: Freeing the mind from those mysterious things that make it go wrong with the first thing it sees or, in this case, reads, to immediately integrate it into itself without even analyzing it. . you read the title America’s Most Powerful Banks and possibly (unknowingly insuring is unethical), went to banks in the United States.

But no, dear reader, America is a continent and therefore all the countries that make it up are part of this list. Due to a typical technicality of the populations (not accepted by the RAE), people prefer to use the Spanish in order to create some difference between Anglo and Latin countries or other languages ​​in America. Ergo, if you see the accent, it’s Latino, if not, it’s North American.

How do we measure the power of banks?

It’s almost a derived question. Influencing the safety of others helps build trust and, for example, thousands of people commit to open a bank of america account Even from other countries. But not because those in their homeland are powerless, but because of the choices in American soil.

But really, for the banking industry, the things that can make them worthy of being the strongest banks in America are basically:

  • Those who have sufficient capital.
  • The quality of the assets they hold, manage and/or finance for clients and third parties.
  • Its capacity for intramural and extramural management.
  • Monthly, half-yearly and annual remuneration, with proper comparisons with previous years.
  • The liquidity of the bank.
  • The interest rates it manages and offers to all account holders according to the financial tool they manage and/or request.
  • Its physical presence on the national territory, its technological capacity (a sector that has evolved and improved) and its investments outside the country.
  • These investments that contribute to the socio-economic growth of the country, such as with the agricultural sector, schools, socio-cultural animation, contributions to the health and religion sectors.
  • Its ability to step out of the financial framework and sympathize with the different strata with popular promotions. America’s most powerful banks know how to be even-handed in their actions to expand their customer portfolio at all levels of society, thus understanding where their livelihood comes from and remaining active even above management errors.

America's Most Powerful Banks

America’s Most Powerful Banks

The following list will be in alphabetical order; We will not give him an official order since the ranking changes every year, even if for more than a decade the undisputed leader has been the JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America. Brazilian banks are presented as the most powerful banks in Latin America, then these are presented to us.

  • Banco Bradesco Sa Pref (Brazil)
  • Bank of Chile (Chile)
  • Itau Unibanco Bank (Brazil)
  • Santander Bank (Brazilian subsidiary)
  • Banco Santander (Mexico)
  • Bancolombia (Colombia)
  • Banesco (Venezuela)
  • Banesco Panama (Venezuela based in Panama)
  • Ny Mellon Bank (USA)
  • Bank of America (USA)
  • Bank of Montreal (Canada)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia (Canada)
  • Banorte (Mexico)
  • BBVA Bancomer (Mexico)
  • Can Impl Bk Comm (Canada)
  • Citibanamex (Mexico)
  • Citigroup Inc. (USA)
  • Credicorp (Peru)
  • Fifth Third Bank (USA)
  • First Republic (United States)
  • Goldman Sachs (USA)
  • Guarantee Group (Colombia)
  • Mexican group Elektra (Mexico)
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co. (USA, leader among the strongest banks in America)
  • Mercantil Panama (Venezuela based in Panama)
  • Morgan Stanley (USA)
  • National Bank (Canada)
  • PNC Financial (USA)
  • Regions Financial (United States)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (Canada)
  • SVB Financial Gr (United States)
  • Toronto-Dom Bank (Canada)
  • True Financial (USA)
  • U.S. Bancorp (United States)
  • Wells Fargo & Co. (USA)

They are the most powerful banks in America, which does not imply that those not listed do not have the strength, track record and assets to be considered good and safe to protect their savings and/or support them in their projects.

This is a reference list, which should make you think and investigate to decide which of the most powerful banks in America will take your savings. It is a decision with options in the premises of institutions, but which is necessary for the transit of life.

Those of us who are adept at mystery know well that without resources there is no peace and no ability to immerse oneself in the investigation. So embark on this action of life, which will support you to be and be comfortable in your personal development, family and socio-economic.

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