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It is a bit complicated to say what mandalas are, because any definition in this regard is insufficient for the level of: control, healing, balance, focus, agreement, love, peace, equality, brotherhood and creativity that in each sublime stroke and embedded in them, denotes the energy of the universe itself springing from the same being, making the colors the tableau of tonalities with which our inner galaxy is painted.

It has been known mystical experiences or for some, of divine transcendence or for others, paranormal, when a person who really knows what he wants, connects to the cosmic vibration and frees his being by making the necessary strokes , whether with pencils, spirographs or more steadily and beautifully with markers for mandalas.

It is not a clash of energies, it is the fusion in perfect balance between them, the universe and the one who makes the mandala and/or colors it. Therefore, explaining it does not come out more than definitions, we really recommend the experience of living what are the mandalas directly into their body, mind and spirit. Here is the total meaning two-way.

What are mandalas?

It is the representation of the human being, a unique energy that intertwines and intersects and interacts in communion with the mystical and energetic cells and fibers of the person, helping them to heal (heal) the psychic fragmentations, physical and spiritual they might have. .

They consist of geometric shapes and figures which together represent the most relevant and valuable characteristics of the universe and all that coexists within it, thus realizing the promotion of the levels of concentration of the energy of each human being in a single point during meditation, creating a break from the banalities and worries of the world and moving towards the pure and enlightened paths of being.

It is all that what the mandalas are: The imbrication of energy which helps to channel the being, the thought and the action of the person in prodigious activities and thus beneficial for itself, energy which radiates around.

Because being in a healthy peace is something exemplary, which is contagious.

what are mandalas

Where does the name come from?

It is easy to find the origin of what the mandalas are, since it was born in India and its very name reveals their true essence, since the said Sanskrit word focuses on the expression of the idea of ​​​​thought, contained in a circle.

And said thinking, starting from positive levels and seeking assertive answers, clearly intertwines, will show examples, solutions and variables that open new perspectives. Something that metaphysically infers the deconstruction and reconstruction of being, seeking it to be new me be aligned with orders of peace, wisdom, love, health, protection, positive energy, visualization, transcendence that will bring you a better future.

What are mandalas for psychology

The recesses of the mind are reflected in the mandalas. They have been analyzed and recommended by psychologists and psychiatrists for more than a century, since Carl Jung found its value in improving the mind, mood and human vital energy through them.

That is why what the mandalas are for psychology, is explained by the search for individuality in each form and innovation, the encounter with one’s own essence, personality, sanity and balance, because these represent the totality of the mind, to encompass both the conscious as well as the unconscious, which is the same, instinct and reason focused on a better, profitable path and with a frank energy balance.

It is, both for science and for mysticism and spirituality, without a doubt, the best time for you to start making mandalas.

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