The Powers of the Planetamisterio Turkish Eye

For many people, esoteric talismans and amulets hide and store great sources of energy capable of protecting against negative influences.

There are many lucky charm, protective talismans and magical devices. However, the one we usually see in homes, or hanging from newborn babies, are the turkish eyes.

These are drop-shaped beads which, according to popular belief, ward off the evil eye. They divert the attention of envious people and display very powerful protective forces.

In Turkey they are popular, but the world has adopted it as an essential talisman.

If you want to know what are the evil eye powers and the meaning of amulets of this nature, we recommend that you join us.

Meaning of the Turkish eye

The Turkish eye, also known as greek eye Where Nazaris an ancestral amulet that has transcended itself as a symbol of protection against the looks of hatred and envy.

evil eye powers

Legend has it that the Turkish eye fulfills the function of “attracting malevolent glances” towards adults and especially children, who are defenseless and susceptible to the negative energies of third parties.

The “evil eye” manifests itself in several ways. Not only with the penetrating gaze, but also with the double-intentioned flattery. These interactions expel large doses of energy that affect people physically and psychologically.

El Nazar is, for many, the definitive formula to thwart envious stares. They are placed in entryways, along houses, or worn on the wrist, around the neck, or as earrings.

If you have ever visited Turkey, you have surely seen them in the entrances of houses and premises. The Turks ardently believe in the protection of this talisman. It’s part of their culture. In fact, they sell them as souvenirs to tourists all over the world.

the turkish blue eye It’s the most popular, but not the only one. They also exist in other colors such as yellow, red and white. Each has its own meaning, for example: blue means good energies, red protection in love and yellow symbolizes strength and will.

Origin of the Turkish eye

The Nazares are made of crystals, concentric circles and an eye-shaped drop.

The origin and the Meaning of the Turkish eyeas it happens with most of these esoteric devices, it depends on who says it.

The Egyptians are credited with creating the evil eye amulet. They ensure that the eyes project the darkest emotions and that is why they used these talismans to protect themselves.

However, the most popular version of the origin of the Turkish eye comes from ancient Greece. Greek navigators used crystal stones with concentric circles of blue because, supposedly, they were closely linked to divine protection.

While another story suggests that the Norse used nazars ward off the vikingswho had a look capable of going through misfortunes.

How to use the Turkish eye

Using the Turkish eye is not a science. It’s easy and fast. However, specialists recommend making a series of preparations to increase the effectiveness of the amulet.

The first thing you need to do is clean the glass eye with sea water. According to the Greeks, this purifies the talisman with the grace of the gods. Then let it dry overnight and clean it with a cloth.

When it’s dry, place it in various places around the house to dispel the envy of visitors or hang it on the child’s wrist, neck or ear.


It can be worn as a bracelet, earrings or bracelet. Even place it in the car to accompany you everywhere.

If for any reason the Turkish eye is damaged, do not repair it. Avoid manipulating absorbed negative energies. Use a new one and get rid of the outdated one.

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