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The killers, despite their heinous crimes, are characters that attract a lot of attention. The cinema has taken advantage, and a lot, of these characters to create audiovisual content that arouses, even more, the interest of consumers.

Murderers are not locked into a single method of committing heinous crimes. There are those who use firearms, their strength or blunt objects. However, few use chainsaws.

The chainsaw killers they are an icon in the culture. Displaced by psychopaths, they have long been a boom on the screen. In this post, we will mention a few of them, both from the movies and from real life.

killers with chainsaws


Leatherface, known in Spanish as Leather Face, is the best-known chainsaw killer. The protagonist of the franchise Chainsaw Massacreor Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has two things that set it apart from the wave of killers that roam the silver screen: one is the leather face, made from the human skin of its victims, and the chainsaw it holds to two hands while pursuing the unwary who dare to enter the lands of the ruthless family of cannibals.

most famous serial killers

Leatherface’s function in his family is to cut the meat of the young men he murdered to serve as dinner for his entire family. His origin has long been a mystery, but in one of the recent films, titled “Jackson”, it was revealed that he was a pre-teen who escaped from a mental institute and was adopted by the family of cannibals, who go by the surname “Sawyer”.

Jackson is from Texas County in the United States. He is a corpulent man, tall and robust. In the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, he was credited with human qualities, but over the course of the movies, he would practically become a superhuman who could withstand cuts, shots, and dismemberment.

While Leatherface is a killer, he is not a sadist by nature. His family, especially the brothers, put pressure on him because of the deformities in his body. This caused dependence and submission to obey what his family says motivated by fear of being hurt. Which, of course, doesn’t take away from the number of atrocities he’s committed throughout the franchise.

Jason Voorhees

If we talk about most famous serial killerswe must mention the ruthless Jason Voorhees, protagonist of the franchise of Friday 13. We are going to make a clarification, and that is that even if Jason’s traditional weapon is not the chainsaw battery, has used it numerous times to hunt his victims, earning him a deserved spot on the list. Jason, unlike Leatherace, has a sadistic attitude and kills his victims in the most gruesome way possible. He is a tall, stocky and very resistant man, indeed, his strength is supernatural to be able to survive amputations, fires, gunshots, etc.

Ed Gein

In real life, few murders are committed with this particular tool. One of the psychopaths known to use it is Ed Gein, known as The Plainfield Butcher, who cut and quartered his victims to keep them as trophies on his farm. In fact, it was he who inspired the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The same director confirmed that he used news information about Ed Gein to write the screenplay.

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